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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Portsmouth Circuits Results

Mountbatten Centre #17: 25 July 2018
YOUTH U12 [C] / U10 [D] / U8 [E]

1st​42​Alexander MURPHY​C ​Velo Club Venta
2nd​61​Harrison HENDY​D​Bike Jockey CC
3rd​41​Ethan MCNAMARA​C ​VC Meudon
4th​60​Emma HARRISON​Cg​Sotonia CC
YOUTH U16 [A] / YOUTH U14 [B]
Pos​No​Full Name​Cat​Club Team
1st​3​Ethan COURT​A​VC Meudon
2nd​1​Jamie PULLEN​A​Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
3rd​6​Matt HICKMAN​A​I-Team Cyclists' Club
4th​4​Piers JAMES​A​VC Meudon
5th​2​Theo BUGG​A​VC Meudon
6th​5​Owen GILES​A​Portsmouth North End CC
7th​21​Andrew PALING​B​VC Meudon
8th​40​Sophie TILLER​Bg​I-Team Cyclists' Club
4 / J4
Pos​No​Full Name​Club Team
1st​4​Pawel NIEWIADOMY​Velo Club Venta
2nd​3​Richard NEW​Velo Club Venta
3rd​1​Matt LAMBOURNE​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4th​7​Tom SMITH​Velo Club Venta
5th​9​Tomasz CHMIELEWSKI​Southdown Velo
6th​11​Sam WOODWARD​
8th​8​Peter EVELEIGH​Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
9th​6​Bruce CLARKE​Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA/Cheshire Maverick CC
3 / J3
Pos​No​Full Name​Club Team
1st​73​James PETT​WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
2nd​54​Sam REED​Guernsey Velo Club
3rd​61​Joe STAUNTON​Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
4th​78​Sam MURPHY​DHCyclesport
5th​55​Jamie PULLEN​Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
6th​60​Lawrence SYMES​TPH Racing
7th​62​Andrew LINDSAY​Surrey Hills Cycleworks
8th​69​Luke JEROME​Racing Club Ravenna
9th​77​John PENFOLD​Behind The Bikeshed
10th​72​Andy WARD​WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
11th​81​David BONE​Racing Club Ravenna
12th​56​Ethan COURT​VC Meudon
13th​52​Vaughan MARRIS​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
14th​80​Sam STEWART​Racing Club Ravenna
16th​58​Owen GILES​Portsmouth North End CC
17th​70​Matt HEATHCOTE​Natural Race Team
18th​59​Thomas BOND​Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
19th​65​Stuart THOMPSON​VC St Raphael
20th​68​Matthew TWIST​British Cycling Private Member-South
21st​75​Matt CLEAVER​Racing Club Ravenna
22nd​79​Chris MANNING​Exeter Wheelers/Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
23rd​64​Lucia BRUTON​
24th​66​Hollie DOWLING​Wight Cycle Hire Visit IOW RT
25th​67​David KNIGHT​Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
26th​71​Oliver NOLAN​Wight Cycle Hire Visit IOW RT
27th​76​Harvey McLEAN​Behind The Bikeshed
28th​57​Piers JAMES​VC Meudon
29th​74​Ian DONOHUE​Southern Planning Practice Ltd
30th​63​Paul HOPKINS​DHCyclesport
E / 1 / 2 / J
Pos​No​Full Name​Club Team
1st​5​Lewis ATKINS​TAAP Cervelo
2nd​12​Mitch WEBBER​Halo Sports CT
3rd​13​Liam WALSH​VC St Raphael
4th​7​Rory BARRETT​Southborough & District Wheelers
5th​10​Jacob ARIES​Primera-TeamJobs
6th​1​Simon BROOKS​VC St Raphael
7th​16​Joe DONOHUE​VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
8th​8​Will COOPER​Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
9th​65​Stuart THOMPSON​VC St Raphael
10th​17​Seb OTTLEY​Racing Club Ravenna
11th​9​Harry JOHNSON​Hub Cycleworks
12th​2​Mark TREVIS​VC Meudon
13th​15​Joseph CLARK​I-Team Cyclists' Club
14th​4​Luis COUNTINHO​Racing Club Ravenna
15th​6​Mark VALENTINE​Poole Wheelers Cycling Club
16th​14​Patryk RUCKI​Sotonia CC
17th​11​Tom STOCKER​Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Cycling Club
Organised under the Technical Regulations of the British Cycling Federation
by the Racing Club Omega

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