Tuesday 12 June 2018

Walters Wins Heath Opener!

Red Walters (Sotonia CC) won the Beaulieu Heath race, the first in a 4 race series promoted by the Crabwood CC in their 75th Year. Walters was the clear favourite but was content to sit on as two teammates, Brook Elgie & Phil Wilks went up the road with Darren Lyons ( VC Venta) for company.
Lyons fell back as Wilks & Elgie contested a prime, (Elgie) with three 7 mile laps remaining.
Behind, Walters had made his move and had bridged across as the three took the bell, James Peckham , meanwhile had caught and passed Lyons settting up a 1-2-3-4 for the upwardly mobile Sotonia outfit.
Walters chose his moment with a mile to go, riding away to the expected win. The 19 year old is having a great season, yes the Heath race is just a chipper and Walters was a class apart but a winning habit is no bad thing.
In the veterans race, Steve Dring (Echelon Spiuk) outsprinted Rowan Horner (VC ST Raphael) on the drag up to the line.
The pair, along with Roland Tilley (Weber Creative Interiors) were the favourites on paper but the bunch were not going to give it to them on a plate, chasing them down after they had broken away on the second of 4 laps.
Horner & Dring did eventually get away with a lap to go, Tilley missed the move but took third in the bunch kick.
Making a welcome return after a 6 year absence the Heath race attracted 52 riders across two races.
The next race in the series is on Tuesday June 26th, entry online at TLI

Brief Result
Crabwood CC 75th Anniversary Heath Race Series 2018 – Event 1 12th June 2018
SEN/JUN - 5 laps (Yellow Numbers
1 Red Walters S Sotonia Cycling Club
2 Brook Elgie A Sotonia Cycling Club
3 Phil Wilks M Sotonia Cycling Club
4 James Peckham M Sotonia Cycling Club
5 Darren Lyons M Velo Club Venta
6 Stuart Le Tissier M DHCyclesport
7 Chris Moody M Sotonia CC
8 Paul Ransom S Sotonia Cycling Club
9 James Cotty A Hargroves Cycles CC
10 Pawel Niewiadomy M Velo Club Venta
11 Harry Parsons J Sotonia Cycling Club
12 Tom Vaux S Velo Club Venta
VETS A-G. 4 laps (Orange numbers)
1 Steve Dring B Team Echelon
2 Rowan Horner A VC St Raphael
3 Roland Tilley C Weber Creative Interiors / Bournemouth Cycleworks
4 Andy Smith A VC St Raphael
5 Jonathan Hall B Sotonia CC
6 Matthew Whelan A DHCyclesport
7 John Hyde B VC St Raphael
8 Garth Kruger A None
9 Justin Menhenett A Sotonia Cycling Club
10 Darryl Strong C DHCyclesport
11 John Phillips E Sotonia CC
12 Simon Walters B Velo Club Venta
13 Patrick Lafford C Crabwood CC
14 Lyndon Thompson B New Forest Cycling Club
15 Richard New C Velo Club Venta
16 Robert Cranstone D GS Vecchi
17 Marcus Attridge A Bike Jockey CC
18 Joffrey Carlier A Sotonia Cycling Club
19 Bob Ghandour A Poole Wheelers CC
20 Richard Burch C Sotonia Cycling Club
21 Tim Cooke C Sotonia Cycling Club
22 Russell Davies D VC St Raphael
23 Jonathan Dudley D Sotonia Cycling Club
24 Peter French D Jpcc
25 Stephen Skinner E VC St Raphael
26 Glenn Longland E Antelope Racing Team
27 Brian Burgess F GS Vecchi
28 Bob Ford F UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek
29 Michelle Walter G Bournemouth Arrow CC


  1. It's not a 10 year absence, it was last run in 2012