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Monday, 18 June 2018

National 12 Hour Results Delayed: Duggleby & Lethbridge Waiting....

Adam Duggleby (Vive Le Velo) & Alice Lethbridge (DRAG2 ZERO) were forced to put any celebrations on hold as timekeeping issues delayed the result s of the National 12 hour championship.A stiff westerley breeze and rough road surfaces on the Chawton leg making it a far from easy day. Duggeby, who had led from the start, finished in the fading light, his time running out at 20:20 on Sunday evening (17th) on the A31 at Bentley in Hampshire. Duggleby's ride was not without incident, a softening front tyre forcing him to stop and change wheels at 175 miles, whilst behind the scenes, two of his support crew suffered vehicle breakdowns.
A provisional distance of 321 giving him the title and a new competition record ahead of Kieron Davies (DRAG2ZERO), riding his first "twelve", with a provisional 319 miles.
Lethbridge, looking strong all day,despite her saddle slipping down,looks to have won the womens title, the 33 year old provisionally beating her own comp record of 285.64 miles set last year, with 292 miles.
Event secretary Don Ashton of the promoting, Farnborough & Camberley Wheelers club, made the correct and only decision, to delay the results, making the announcement at the Alton Assembly rooms, event HQ, late on Sunday night.

Rider Reaction
Alice Lethbridge
"It was really, really hard to day because of the wind, into the headwind up at Chawton, i was down to 15 miles and hour and the road surface, i have got very bruised arms. Unfortunately i know this course, despite double padding on my armrests my arms are very bruised. I dropped a few bottles (laughing), oh i am really pleased, very happy, to get the 15 mile record last Wednesday and this today, yes very happy. Like last year I just rode on feel, i have my heart rate and power but i was feeling ok, perhaps i went out a bit too hard because i was not expecting the wind to pick up. I dropped the same amount of watts as last year but i was 20 watts higher average. I might ride a 50 next week, the it's the British Cycling Championships, which i am really excited about"

Adam Duggleby
" About 322,!It is really rough road up at Chawton and really windy, in the middle of day it was really hard work going back up. Between 6 and 8 hours i was not great but i had loads of drink and caffeine gels and felt loads better. Even the tailwind did not feel great but soon as it started to calm down towards the end of the day it definitely got better, the last hour and half it was pretty fast in both directions. I thought i should press on with an hour to go, i could see Keiron (Davies) was, i knew what he was doing, he had started gaining on me a little bit so i thought i better try and press on a bit, i knew i was up on him"

1 Alice Lethbridge Female Senior DRAG2ZERO 290.076 Miles 24.173 Mph
1 Adam Duggleby Male Senior Vive Le Velo 321.446 Miles 26.787 Mph

2 Jackie Field Female Vet CC Ashwell 273.376 Miles 22.781 Mph
2 Kieron Davies Male Senior DRAG2ZERO 319.689 Miles 26.641 Mph

3 Crystal Spearman Female Senior NOPINZ 269.24 Miles 22.437 Mph
3 Stephen Williamson Male Vet ...a3crg 299.43 Miles 24.953 Mph
4 Pip Jenkins Female Senior Southborough & Dist. Whs 268.513 Miles 22.376 Mph
4 Mark Turnbull Male Vet TORQ Performance 295.721 Miles 24.643 Mph
5 Richard Gildea Male Senior Didcot Phoenix CC 295.339 Miles 24.612 Mph
5 Katja Rietdorf Female Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 257.883 Miles 21.49 Mph
6 Lynne Biddulph Female Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 255.488 Miles 21.291 Mph
6 Matthew Garthwaite Male Senior Rhino Velo Race Team 293.529 Miles 24.461 Mph
7 Emily Middleditch Female Senior Deeside Thistle CC 249.611 Miles 20.801 Mph
7 Peter Hooper Male Senior Eastbourne Rovers CC 291.91 Miles 24.326 Mph
8 Steph Mottram Female Senior Torelli-Beastwear-Brother 245.64 Miles 20.47 Mph
8 Michael Cross Male Vet Yorkshire Road Club 287.799 Miles 23.983 Mph
9 Kate Bradley Female Vet Mickey Cranks Cycling Club 236.858 Miles 19.738 Mph
9 Neil Lauder Male Senior PMR @ Toachim House 285.03 Miles 23.753 Mph
10 Susan Semple Female Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 236.1 Miles 19.675 Mph
10 Paul Jackson Male Vet Team Bottrill / Vanguard 281.507 Miles 23.459 Mph
11 Alison Vessey Female Vet Didcot Phoenix CC 218.501 Miles 18.208 Mph
11 DAREN AUSTIN Male Vet Twickenham CC 281.332 Miles 23.444 Mph
12 Harriet Somers Female Vet Farnham RC 208.824 Miles 17.402 Mph
12 Doug Hart Male Vet Ilkley CC 277.684 Miles 23.14 Mph
13 Theresa Taylor Female Vet Ribble Valley Crossroads Care Cycling Team 83.807 Miles 6.984 Mph
13 Suzanne Shaw Female Vet Kingston Phoenix RC 83.807 Miles 6.984 Mph
13 Nick Clarke Male Senior Lovelo Cinelli RT 276.235 Miles 23.02 Mph
14 Nick Cave Male Vet Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 274.58 Miles 22.882 Mph
15 Lawrence Burrows Male Senior Vive Le Velo 272.115 Miles 22.676 Mph
16 David Triska Male Senior Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 269.164 Miles 22.43 Mph
17 Colin Ross Male Senior Lea Valley CC 266.032 Miles 22.169 Mph
18 Sean Quinn Male Vet Law Wheelers 265.838 Miles 22.153 Mph
19 Philip Wade Male Senior Green Jersey RT 261.832 Miles 21.819 Mph
20 Dan Bromilow Male Vet Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs 259.642 Miles 21.637 Mph
21 Nick Jones Male Vet Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 258.308 Miles 21.526 Mph
22 Neil Barford Male Vet 45 RC 256.773 Miles 21.398 Mph 115.5
23 James Fritchley Male Senior Wheels of Dorset | Aero Testing | Bike Fitting 256.429 Miles
24 Angus Swanson Male Vet Stirling Bike Club 255.798 Miles 21.317 Mph
25 Laurence Rose Male Senior Twickenham CC 253.947 Miles 21.162 Mph
26 Steve Burrows Male Vet Vive Le Velo 248.783 Miles 20.732 Mph 106.071
27 Marcus Blagrove Male Senior Mersey Tri 248.01 Miles 20.668 Mph
28 Alexander Kew Male Vet Kingston Phoenix RC 245.559 Miles 20.463 Mph
29 Ray Retter Male Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 243.612 Miles 20.301 Mph
30 Nigel Sign Male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC 243.559 Miles 20.297 Mph
31 Dave Pemberton Male Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 239.365 Miles 19.947 Mph
32 Gordon Scott Male Vet CC Weymouth 238.559 Miles 19.88 Mph
33 Martin Arundel Male Vet Verulam CC 235.929 Miles 19.661 Mph
34 Chris Hopkinson Male Vet Richmond CC 234.496 Miles 19.541 Mph
35 JP Pretorius Male Senior Vive Le Velo 233.345 Miles 19.445 Mph
36 Jon Fairclough Male Vet VTTA (Surrey & Sussex) 231.798 Miles 19.317 Mph
37 Simon Trehearn Male Vet Kingston Phoenix RC 226.252 Miles 18.854 Mph
38 Malcolm Borg Male Vet West Suffolk Wheelers 224.755 Miles 18.73 Mph
39 Adrian Watkins Male Vet Tornado Road Cycling Club 219.802 Miles 18.317 Mph
40 Richard Claxton Male Vet VC Elan - Harry Perry Cycles 219.135 Miles 18.261 Mph
41 Matt Price Male Senior Icknield RC 217.56 Miles 18.13 Mph
42 Ian Neville Male Vet Clarence Wheelers CC 205.342 Miles 17.112 Mph
43 Harry Cowley Male Vet Chester RC 193.349 Miles 16.112 Mph
44 Brian Hygate Male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC 191.293 Miles 15.941 Mph
45 Vernon Schutte Male Vet Farnborough & Camberley CC 190.404 Miles 15.867 Mph
46 Richard Bideau Male Vet Pendle Forest CC 184.572 Miles 15.381 Mph
47 Paul Tunnell Male Vet Addiscombe CC 183.458 Miles 15.288 Mph
48 Gray Turnock Male Vet Finsbury Park CC 175.254 Miles 14.605 Mph
49 Robert Bullyment Male Vet Catford CC 144.266 Miles 12.022 Mph 51.857
50 Ed Neilson Male Vet Vive Le Velo 130.777 Miles 10.898 Mph 49.5
51 Richard Parrotte Male Vet Shaftesbury CC 103.96 Miles 8.663 Mph
52 Hadyn James Male Senior Velolife 83.807 Miles 6.984 Mph
52 Jocelyn Chappell Male Vet Aylesbury CC 63.654 Miles 5.305 Mph
52 Nigel Brooks Male Vet Stirling Bike Club 83.807 Miles 6.984 Mph
52 Andy Jackson Male Vet AeroCoach 83.807 Miles 6.984 Mph
52 Gavin MacDougall Male Vet Tavistock Whs CC 83.807 Miles

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