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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Portsmouth North End Road Race, Results

Winner of the recent Bournemouth Jubilee 2 Day, Luke Barfoot ( Tri UK) wins the Portsmouth North End CC race in Hampshire.
"So there was 4 of us from Tri Uk racing and we all wanted to make a good show. Giles(Greening)and Sean(Frost)both both got in the early break, while me and Ben(Lockett)were just blocking and stopping any chases from developing. I knew I had decent legs but wanted to save it until the right time. When we caught the break of 5 on the bell lap. I decided to hit them straight away, looked around and everyone just sat up. I was just focused on getting to the line first and not worried about the chase behind. My confidence is good at the moment and results are coming"
Luke Barfoot

Owlesbury 01/06/18
1 Luke Barfoot -Tri UK
2 Red Walters - Sotonia cc
3 John Hale - WORX Factory Racing
4 Jack Rebours - HJL
5 Jack Freeman - Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT
6 Ian Vagg - Project 51
7 Simon McNamara - Southdowns Bikes - Casco PET
8 Richard Cartland - Southdowns Bikes - Casco PET
9 Michael Guilford - Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT
10 Anthony Roberts - Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT
11 Ed Slot - Sotonia CC
12 Ben Lockett - Tri UK
13 James Peckham - Sotonia CC
14 Ian Taylor - Leicester Forest CC
15 Adam Holleyman - Wightlink, Wight Mountain CRT
16 Gary Chambers - Nopinz
17 Andrew Carter
18 Mark Greenwood - Army Cycling Union
19 Dexter Fox - Army Cycling Union
20 Brook Elgie - Sotonia CC
21 Paul Newsome - Project 51
22 Sean Frost - Tri UK
23 Matthew Allsopp - Wightlink, Wight Mountain CRT
24 Paul Barnard - Southdowns Bikes - Casco PET
25 Christopher Brettell 464582
26 James Bonham - Southdowns Bikes - Casco PET
27 Jamie Caldwell - Portsmouth North End CC
28 Ryan Smith - Morvelo Basso RT
29 George Skinner - Norwood Paragon CC
30 Harry Johnson - The Hub

1 comment:

  1. Well done Harry Johnson, the only Junior in the race and under-geared.