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Thursday, 14 June 2018

TeamSpy Open 10, Results

TeamSpy Open 10 14/06/18Results:
"A windy night along the coast road on the Isle of Wight tonight"
1:Adam Holleyman WightLink/Wightmountain-22:25
2:Lee Rutland Bike Jockey CC 22:46
3:Clint Oliver TeamSpy 22:56
4:Ian Hayden WLWM 22:58
5:Dave Dent GS Stella 23.09
6:Matt Allsopp WLWM 23:39
7:James Veal TeamSpy 23:55
8:Martin Piper TeamSpy 24:05
9:Paul Martin TeamSpy 24:23
10:Joe Staunton WLWM 24:38
11:Kev Chant TeamSpy 25:17
12:Dale Buckett Bike Jockey CC 25:53
13:Jack Grundy TeamSpy 26:02
14:Rollo Dixon TeamSpy 26:16
15:Ben Johnson WLWM 26:33
16:Sean Williams Wight Tri 26:51
17:Oliver Nolan Wight Cycle Hire 26:59
18:Dan Morgan Wight Tri 27:01
19:Hollie Downing Wight Cycle Hire 27:05
20:Courtney Edmonds Bike Jockey CC 27:07
21:John Allen Wight Cycle Hire 27:27
22:Martin Jackson Wight Tri 28:02
23:Ben Morgan Wight Tri 29:13
24:Michelle Lock GS Stella 29:16
25:Steve Gratton Wight Tri 29:23
26:Jeremy Short Wight Cycle Hire 30:19
27:Sophie Nolan Wight Cycle Hire 33:07
DNS Liz Dunlop Wight Tri
DNS Stuart Waite WLWM
DNS Alex Pail TeamSpy
OFFICIALS L: Alex Tunnicliffe, Sarah Probert, Gary Kurth, Alison Radcliffe
Pusher off: Russ Thomson

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