Monday 9 April 2018

Stockbridge Down Start List

Dexter Gardias Wins Stockbridge Down 2017
Andover Wheelers present the Stockbridge Down Road Race April 22nd
Test Valley Community School
Hants. SO20 6HA
Race Starts: 10.30am

1 Alexandre Touche 2nd ActiveEdge Race Team
2 Joshua Burns 1st Alé DMT Cipollini UK
3 Thomas Ellis 2nd BIKESTRONG-KTM
4 Tom Stocker 2nd Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
5 Thomas Booth 2nd Bryan Steel academy
6 Luke Hind 2nd Bryan Steel academy
7 David Ogg 2nd Bryan Steel academy
8 Hefin Evans 2nd Bynea CC
9 Andrew Carter 2nd
10 Mitchell Webber 1st Halo Sports Cycling Team
11 Will Cooper 3rd Junior Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
12 James Boyman 2nd Hoops Velo
13 Joseph Clark 2nd I-Team Cyclists' Club
14 Kinsey McIlquham 1st KTM UK Factory MTB Team
15 Tom Lane 1st Latchem Sunwise Race Team
16 Tom Chandler 1st Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
17 Dean Corney 2nd Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT
18 Ashley Cox Elite Nopinz
19 George Skinner 2nd Norwood Paragon CC
20 Chris McNamara 1st Nuun-Sigma Sports-London
21 Robert Moore 1st Nuun-Sigma Sports-London
22 Sol Warwick 3rd Penzance Wheelers
23 Rhys Clegg 1st PMR
24 Jamie Caldwell 2nd Portsmouth North End CC
25 Matthew Burt 2nd Project 51
26 Mark Emsley 2nd Project 51
27 Paul Newsome 2nd Project 51
28 Richmond Rogers 2nd Project 51
29 Ian Vagg 2nd Project 51
30 Isaac Wright 2nd Project 51
31 Emyr Davies 2nd Rapha Cycling Club
32 James Hayden 2nd Rapha Cycling Club
33 Rhys Howells Elite Rapha Cycling Club
34 William Harper 1st Saint Piran
35 Callum Dunford 2nd Sarum Velo
36 Jered Allcock 2nd Shutt Ridley RT
37 Red Walters 2nd Sotonia CC
38 Timothy Allen 2nd Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
39 Stanley Kennett 1st Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
40 Joe Hickerton 2nd Spokes BPC Racing
41 Thomas Bowering 1st Steele Davis Via Roma RT
42 Andrew Williams 2nd Steele Davis Via Roma RT
43 Joe Swinnerton 1st Swinnerton Cycles
44 Lewis Atkins 1st TAAP Cervelo
45 Sam Christy 1st TAAP Cervelo
46 Matthew Downie 1st TAAP Cervelo

47 Benjamin Irving 2nd TAAP Cervelo
48 Harvey McNaughton 1st TAAP Cervelo
49 Ryan Visser Elite TAAP Cervelo
50 Joe Hill 1st Team KTM UK
51 David Kovacs Elite Team KTM UK
52 Graham Collins 1st Team Tor 2000 KALAS
53 Joshua Croxton 1st Team Tor 2000 KALAS
54 Peter Haworth 1st Team Tor 2000 KALAS
55 Steven Jones 2nd Team Tor 2000 KALAS
56 Frederik Scheske 1st Team Tor 2000 KALAS
57 Ashley Towey 2nd Team Tor 2000 KALAS
58 Ellis Pullinger 2nd THRE Datawolves RT
59 Luke Barfoot 2nd Tri UK
60 Lee Frost Elite Tri UK
61 Joshua Monk 2nd URDT
62 Joshua Haasz 1st VC Londres
63 Lewis Winfield 2nd VC Londres
64 Ashley Hutchison 2nd VC St Raphael
65 Andrew Kirby 3rd VC St Raphael
66 Liam Walsh Elite VC St Raphael
67 Ollie Bishop 2nd VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
68 Alexander Cross 2nd VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
69 Oscar Hutchings 1st VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
70 Aled Jones 1st VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
71 Ethan Lee 2nd VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
72 George Smith Elite VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
73 Oliver Winwood Bratchell 3rd Velo Club Venta
74 Cameron Foster Elite Velo Schils - Interbike RT
75 Owen Line (tbc) 2nd Wales Racing Academy
76 Zachery May (tbc) 1st Wales Racing Academy
77 James Tillett (tbc) 2nd Wales Racing Academy
78 Tristan Grigalis 2nd WyndyMilla
79 Andrew Critchlow 1st WyndyMilla
80 Andrew Wilde 2nd ZeroBC
81 Ian Taylor 3rd Leicester Forest CC
82 Tom Duncan 2nd WORX Factory Racing
83 Tom Knight 3rd TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
84 James Peckham 2nd Sotonia CC
85 Louis Lord 3rd VC Londres
86 Joseph Donohue 2nd VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
87 Lewis Ball 3rd Velo Schils - Interbike RT
88 Paul Ransom 3rd Sotonia CC
89 Alex Fanshawe 2nd Saint Piran
90 Michael Ford 1st Latchem Sunwise Race Team
91 Jack Stanton-Warren Elite Wheelbase Castelli MGD

Neutralised from HQ to the start/finish line (approx 2 miles). Proceed on the
B3049 towards Winchester for approx 3 miles. Turn left (M) onto unclassified
road (Rack & Manger PH) and proceed for approx 2miles through Crawley
Village to junction with A272. Turn left (M) and proceed on A272 for approx 1.5
miles to junction with A30. Turn left (M) and proceed on A30 towards
Stockbridge for approx 5 miles. Take 1st exit at roundabout (M) to continue on
A30 to next roundabout where take 1st exit (M) back onto B3049. Continue for
approx 1 mile to cross start/finish line to complete 1 lap (13 miles) – Race
distance 6 Laps (125km/80 miles).

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