Tuesday 19 April 2016

Celebration of the Cycling Jersey!

The Art of the Jersey features a carefully curated collection of cycling’s most noteworthy designs from the past sixty years. It celebrates the jersey’s changing styles and trends over recent history, from the iconic retro designs worn by Tour de France winners to specialist items and hard-to-find collector’s pieces.

One half of PRENDAS CICLISMO & Bournemouth Jubilee Wheeler, Andy Storey explores the gradual evolution of the jersey, from the retro designs of the 1950s up to today’s high-tech, lightweight gear. With more than 200 examples each accompanied by photography and analysis, The Art of the Jersey is the perfect book for the road-racing enthusiast and the modern style-conscious cyclist.

Andy explaining how the book came about says “Joe (from the publishing house) found my jersey website, CyclingJerseycollection.com contacted me and proposed that I turn it into a book. I figured it would be fun which it was as well as a bit of hard graft which I don’t mind.”

Celebration of the Cycling Racing Jersey
By Andy Storey
Published by Mitchell Beazley
Coming Out: 5 May 2016 | £15.99
Availlable HERE

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