Saturday 23 April 2016

Bournemouth Track League Kicks Off on May 3rd

The 2016 Bournemouth Track League starts on Tuesday 3rd May. In order to encourage more local Senior 3rd and 4th Category riders who are track competent to try competition, the points earned in B Group races have been increased to boost their chances of working up the League. As last year it is the aim to have the weekly results and updated League Table published on the night so everyone is bang up to date with their progress. Riders are asked to arrive as early as possible on the first night to process their League Affiliation and their details loaded onto the results spreadsheet. To save time on the night, please complete a downloaded League Entry Form and read the Rider Instructions prior to coming along. Further details including entry form can be found HERE
1. Riders must have Accreditation, either Bournemouth Track Accreditation from previous years or a British Cycling Indoor Track Accreditation (Lea Valley/Newport etc). Riders who have not ridden the League before need to bring documentation to back this up (or documentation to support a Fast Track Application), riders who have ridden previously do not need documentation.
2. B Group races attract more League points than previous years to boost the prospects of B riders working their way up the table.
The Bournemouth Track League runs every Tuesday from 3rd May through to 26th July

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