Wednesday, 12 June 2013

BC National Youth Omnium (Southern Region)

BC National Youth Omnium Series (Southern Area) Under the technical regulations of British Cycling
Promoted by Poole Wheelers
Saturday 15th June 2013 Racing commences at 10:00 am
Organiser: Graham Hurst
Poole Wheelers web address:
Chief Commissaire: Gerry Gray
Assistant Commissaire: Kay Ball
Chief Judge : Colin Price
Other Officials/Timekeepers: Members and friends of Poole Wheelers Cycling Club
First Aid cover by Wolverest Group Ltd
The track will be available from 09.10am in allocated slots
All Youth A: 9.10 – 9.20am
All Youth B: 9.20am – 9.30am
Youth C: 9.30 – 9.40am
Youth D & E: 9.40 – 9.50am
Ensure you have your gear checked before signing on
Signing on is open from 08.30am and closes at 9.15am
Please ensure that you bring your BC licence to signing on. If you have not brought your licence to the event there will be a £1.50 surcharge “Day Licence”
Competitor notes
Youth B and C riders may only use cycles which conform to the BC Technical Regulation 3.2.6:
- Wheels shall have rims of no greater depth than 3.5cm of a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 40 spokes.
- Spokes can be round, flattened or oval but must not exceed 10mm in width.
- Machines with dropped handlebars shall be used. Tri-bars, arm extensions and/or arm pads shall be prohibited.
- All riders shall comply with those gear restrictions as laid down in the current BC Technical Regulations.
- For the pursuit, youth A riders may use cycles with tri-bars, arm extensions and/or arm pads and which comply with . . . 2013 BC Technical Regulations.
- Only youth A riders may use aero helmets.
All riders - only one sprocket is allowed on rear wheel.
Gear checks will be conducted both prior to and at random during the meeting for all categories
Gear Restrictions
U8 5.10m U10 5.40m U12 6.05m U14 6.45m U16 6.93m
Notes for All competitors and helpers.
The gates to the track will be closed at all times when riders are on the track.
Up to 10.00am, gate 1 (in the home straight) will be used - after 10.00am ie when the meeting has started, gate 2 (in the back straight) will be used. When the meeting has finished gate 2 will be locked and gate 1 re-opened.
There will be no riding on the track before the meeting except the following times (for warming up / track familiarisation)
9.10am –9.20am All Youth A
9.20am – 9.30am All Youth B Riders
9.30am – 9.40am Youth C Riders
9.40am – 9.50am Youth D and E Riders
This means if you are not in the track centre before 9.10am you will only get 4 opportunities to get in before the meeting starts i.e. 9.20am, 9.30am, 9.40am and 9.50am
9.50am Riders’ Briefing in the Safety Zone between the rider pen and the start finish line - all riders must be present.
Please wear your numbers on your left side – the camera needs to see you!
The D and any of the grass area in the track centre not taped off, may be used by competitors
No rider should use the safety zone except to enter or leave the track at the start or finish of a race.
After a bunch race has finished you will have 1 complete lap to slow down and will then be expected to leave the track in the back straight, riding down into the safety zone and then back into the riders D. After the time trials please exit the track as soon as possible to enable the next heat to commence.
While the meeting is in progress, you will only be able to leave the track by gate 2 in between races.
All riders will be called into the riders’ pen while the race before is in progress - this will ensure all races are started promptly. If you are not ready, the start will NOT be delayed - you will not start and will be placed last.
Results will be stuck on a board behind the gazebo, adjacent to the start finish area, throughout the meeting, as they become available.
Heats for the Sprint will also be posted on this board.
Most Important – Enjoy the day’s racing

Competitor List

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