Wednesday 12 June 2019

New Forest CC Club 10, Results

Tuesday 11th June
8 riders signed on for the second round of the Burley circuit, though one failed to start. Rain threatened, but riders only ended up facing a cold brisk wind. Notably, 3 riders opted for road bikes and almost filled the top places, Dan Mitchell eventually edging out Stuart Peckham. Phill Brown took his frst NFCC win, beating Ray Claridge, who wins the series overall.

1 Phill Brown 25:54
2 Ray Claridge 26:21
3 Dan Mitchell 27:49
4 Stuart Peckham 28:04
5 Martin Olney Fareham Whs 28:13
6 Catherine Pascoe 32:22
7 Peter Hawker 35:33

Peter Weaver DNS

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