Sunday 16 June 2019

Editorial: Forever Young!

Here at Local Riders, Local Races we focus on exactly what our title tells you: Its what we know, its what we understand, it was our level, its what we did (or tried to do) we’ve got empathy. To juggle training around work, to juggle training around family, to get up an hour earlier just to fit it in, to give 100%, to be as professional as our “amateur” status allows, we have been there, its kinda why we do this. We have said it before, whatever the level, Sport means nothing, yet it means everything, World Championship or Sunday Chipper the investment can be the same, if different. (well nearly). To win after a week at work, a week of juggling, a week of not resting enough takes some investment, some commitment…….now that’s what we like! When 16 year old Sam Freeman (Hargroves Montezuma’s RT) won the Portsmouth North End Road Race we have to admit we were probably more excited than his parents, because despite our liking for working class hero’s and their struggles but not their excuses, the young are of course the future, the hope, the reason. Crossing the line with sheer joy and a shout, young Sam’s victory gave us hope, there is no success or failure, only what happens and how we deal with it! Thank you Sam Freeman!

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