Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Modbury Spring Road Race Start List

Modbury Spring Road Races 12th of March 2017
Regional A Road Race 10:00 am 51 miles (82 km)

Race Headquarters: Modbury Recreation Ground which will be signposted from the A379 into the town. Postcode – PL21 0RB
H.Q Open at 0830
Signing on opens at 0845
Signing on closes by 0925
Officials Briefing 0930 at H.Q
Riders Briefing 0945 at H.Q

Notes For All Riders

We will be using the Modbury Sports Association Pavilion for the race HQ.
Course Start in Barracks Road Modbury and travel east sign posted Dartmouth on the B3207. Continue to California Cross the road then becomes the B3196 to Kitterford Cross. At Kitterford Cross turn left onto the B3210 towards Ermington. After Ermington turn left onto unclassified road for about 200 metres then left onto the A379 and head to Modbury. Turn left back into the B3207 and Barracks road to complete the circuit. The race is 4 laps.

Finish The finish line will be in Barracks Road.

1 Sam Clarke 1st Chard Whls 4th
2 Bob Foxwell 1st Chard Whls 3rd
3 Alex Platt Bikechain - Ricci 4th Junior
4 George Kimber Cycle Sport Dynamo 2nd Junior
5 Corey Bale Cycle Team OnForm 3rd Junior
6 Adam Botteley Cycle Team OnForm 3rd Junior
7 Steve Thomas Dream Cycling Race Team 2nd
8 Lewis Henry DRK Racing 2nd
9 Gideon Aroussi Exeter Wheelers 3rd
10 Richard Babbage Exeter Wheelers 3rd
11 Craig Lawson Exeter Wheelers 3rd
12 Danny Shaw Exeter Wheelers 3rd
13 Thomas Weston Exeter Wheelers 3rd
14 Sebastian Tremlett Guernsey Velo Club 3rd
15 Tom Stocker Hargroves-Ridley-Montezumas 3rd
16 Ross Flashman Kibosh 3rd
17 Dexter Hurlock Kibosh 2nd
18 George Marshall Kibosh 3rd
19 Neil Phillips Kibosh 2nd
20 Josh Rochester-Greet Kibosh 2nd
21 Rob Saunders Kibosh 3rd
22 Nicholas Vincent Lovelo Cinelli RT 2nd
23 Gareth Bushnell Mid Devon CC 3rd
24 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC 2nd
25 Daniel Dolan Mid Devon CC 3rd
26 Andrew Hitchens Mid Devon CC 2nd
27 David Johnson Mid Devon CC 2nd
28 Steven Jones Mid Devon CC 3rd Junior
29 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC 2nd
30 Julian Pitocco Mid Devon CC 2nd
31 Jamie Plummer Mid Devon CC 3rd Junior
32 Louie Priddle Mid Devon CC 3rd Junior
33 Joseph Saunders Mid Devon CC 2nd Junior
34 Ashley Towey Mid Devon CC 2nd
35 Harrison Wood Mid Devon CC 3rd Junior
36 Richard Moore Morgan Sharpe PB Adventure Cycles 3rd
37 Matthew Osborn Morgan Sharpe PB Adventure Cycles 3rd
38 Philip Bray Plymouth Corinthian CC 2nd
39 Mark Byrne Plymouth Corinthian CC 4th
40 Samuel Woods Plymouth Corinthian CC 2nd
41 Kevin Egan Poole Wheelers CC 4th
42 Samuel Wadsley Poole Wheelers CC 3rd
43 Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers CC 2nd
44 Evan Rouse Propello - Carb Cycles 3rd Junior
45 Mark Perry Ride 24/7 2nd
46 Tim Southcombe Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain 2nd
47 Daniel Wellings Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain 3rd
48 Oliver Yates Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain 2nd
49 Harry Chamberlain Southampton University RC 3rd
50 Mark Lees Southfork Racing.co.uk 3rd
51 Joseph Parrott Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery 4th Junior
52 Daniel Strong Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery 3rd
53 Alfie Peters Team Novo Nordisk (Development) 3rd Junior
54 Graham Collins Team Tor 2000 KALAS 2nd
55 Joshua Croxton Team Tor 2000 KALAS 2nd
56 Ashley Martin Team Tor 2000 KALAS 2nd
57 Shaun Reed Team Tor 2000 KALAS 3rd
58 Oliver Cooper University of Bath Cycling Club 3rd
59 Alex Painting University of Exeter Cycling Club 4th
60 George Jones VC St Raphael 2nd


1 Giles Greening Tri UK 2nd
2 Ross Holland Bikechain - Ricci 3rd
3 Robert Lewis Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 3rd
4 Mark Puddicombe Charterbank Potburys RT 3rd
5 Thomas Lake Bikechain - Ricci 4th
6 Adam Faux Charterbank Potburys RT 3rd

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