Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bristol South Women's Road Race, Start List

Bristol South Women’s Road Race Sunday 26th March 2017
Women Only – 2nd, 3rd and 4th Category – Band 4
Start 11:00
5 1/2 laps of Mendips Circuit, 50 miles

1 Abby Easter
2 Emma Mckie
3 Nicola Toms Aprire/HSS
4 Emma Lewis Aprire/HSS
5 Joscelin Lowden Aprire/HSS
6 Lauren Humphreys Aprire/HSS
7 Amy Jones Aprire/HSS
8 Jessica Duffy Bianchi Dama UK
9 Alexandra Sheehan Bianchi Dama UK
10 Katherine Moore Bristol RC
11 Clair Wadden Bristol RC
12 Evie Lane Complete Cycle Works
13 Megan Dickerson DRK Racing
14 Hester Stembridge Elitevelo Kalas Sportswear CRT
15 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan
16 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Fierlan
17 Christie Jones Hereford & District Wheelers
18 Kelly Bennett IRIS Race Team
19 Lizzy Campbell IRIS Race Team
20 Harriet Hernando IRIS Race Team
21 Sarah Hickman IRIS Race Team
22 Helen Nicholls IRIS Race Team
23 Victoria Lovett I-Team Cyclists' Club
24 Amy Louden Lovelo Squadra Donne
25 Jenny Corser Mid Devon CC
26 Kate Mingay Newport Olympic Cycling Club
27 Kate Baker Radeon-Bike Science RT
28 Maria Powell Radeon-Bike Science RT
29 Victoria Ratcliffe Radeon-Bike Science RT
30 Fiona Redding Radeon-Bike Science RT
31 Lucy Scott Radeon-Bike Science RT
32 Diane Moore Ride 24/7
33 Hetty Summerhayes Saint Piran
34 Louise Hargreaves Salt & Sham Cycle Club
35 Rosie Nunnerley Salt & Sham Cycle Club
36 Olivia Campbell
37 Sophie Herbert Southampton University Road
38 Claire Fraser-Green Stonehenge Triathlon and Road
39 Corinne Clark Team Ford Ecoboost
40 Adele Martin Team Ford Ecoboost
41 Jo Tindley Team Ford Ecoboost
42 Sophie Fennell Team Ford Ecoboost
43 Bethany Taylor Team Vertex-Biemme
44 Gabriella Butler Team Vision Innovative Leisure
45 Madeline Howden Team Vision Innovative Leisure
46 Natasha Reddy Team Vision Innovative Leisure
47 Amelia Mitchell University of Bath Cycling Club
48 Kate Mactear University of Bristol CC
49 Emily Walton University of Nottingham SCC
50 Rachel Clay VC Meudon
51 Charlotte Hanson VC Meudon
52 Ashia Fenwick Velo Club Venta
53 Laura Fenwick Velo Club Venta
54 Imogen Hutchings Velo Club Venta
55 Charlotte Barnard VeloVitesse
56 Clare Broady VeloVitesse
57 Phoebe Davis VeloVitesse
58 Fliss Jones VeloVitesse
HQ Priddy Village Hall
Turn off the B3135, signposted to Priddy and the campsite. Turn left after 0.75miles.

Agricultural vehicles may be present on the circuit, especially along the B3371.
(Distances referred to below are from the start of a lap on the B3371).
0.8 miles Series of bends for 1.2km and road narrows, keep left.
1.9 miles Sharp turn left at T-junction onto B3135, keep left.
5.7 miles Fast approach to left turn onto B3134, keep left.
7.8 miles Turn left at junction onto B3371, keep left.
8.1 miles Finish area on final lap, keep left.

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