Saturday 18 March 2017

Knights Composites Classic TT Series #1, Start List

Wessex Road Club promote the first round of the Knights Composite Classic Time Trial series on the P427 circuit on Sunday 26th March. John Dewey, George Evans,Joshua Williams, (Team Bottrill/HSS Hire), Dean Robson (Northover VT/Rudy Project) & Matthew Davies (Rhino Velo RT) are the fancied riders in the Mens race with Hayley Simmonds (Team WNT Pro Cycling) leading the women. Dame Sarah Storey, twice a winner of the series debuts for her newly announced team, Storey Racing, along with MTB & Cyclocross specialist Bethany Crumpton and Elizabeth-Jane Harris,former south region road race champion, Kimberly Ashton(Casp Racing) is also amongst the seeded riders (Mercy Webb got the first win for the new team at the Odd Down circuit last week). The 24 mile undualting course, based around Wimborne Minster in Dorset heads north from the town before turning towards Blandford Forum, the final climb up to Beech Avenue (pictured) and the finish at Pamphill will provide a sting in the tail. Race Headquarters, Allendale Centre, Hanham Road, Wimborne, BH21 1AS
Cycling Time Trials

Course Record 51:12, Matt Burden (Severn RC) 2016

Start List

1 08:31:00 Paul Thomas Brighton Mitre CC Male Vet
2 08:32:00 Liz Saul London Dynamo Female Senior
3 08:33:00 Tom Staniford Team RGB Building Supplies Male Senior
4 08:34:00 Rik Waddon Para-T
5 08:35:00 Noah Field CC Ashwell Male Junior
6 08:36:00 Thomas Day Poole Whs Male Juvenile
7 08:37:00 Adam Robertson Verulam CC Male Junior
8 08:38:00 Zak Coleman Team PedalRevolution.Co.Uk

Women & Vets

9 08:39:00 Neil Dyble Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Vet
10 08:40:00 Kevin Ridge Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
11 08:41:00 David Barry Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Vet
12 08:42:00 Robert Jolliffe New Forest CC Male Vet
13 08:43:00 Martin Jones Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
14 08:44:00 Simon Smith Shutt Velo Rapide Male Vet
15 08:45:00 Rob Griffiths Zoom Tri Club Male Vet
16 08:46:00 Lyndon Thompson Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Vet
17 08:47:00 James Roberts Chester RC Male Vet
18 08:48:00 Christopher Day Poole Whs Male Vet
19 08:49:00 William Simmons Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
20 08:50:00 Terry Belbin Poole Whs Male Vet
21 08:51:00 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Vet
22 08:52:00 Steven De Sousa CASP Racing Club Male Vet
23 08:53:00 Mike Garner ...A3crg Male Vet
24 08:54:00 Jason Miller CASP Racing Club Male Vet
25 08:55:00 Andy Self Direct Power Cycling Team Male Vet
26 08:56:00 Rupert Silman Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
27 08:57:00 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
28 08:58:00 Michael Naulls Velo Club Venta Male Vet
29 08:59:00 Terry Icke Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
30 09:00:00 Darryl Barr ...A3crg Male Vet
31 09:01:00 David Hargreaves North Lancs RC Male Vet
32 09:02:00 Andrew Tamplin Revolutions Racing Male Vet
33 09:03:00 Drew Hosie ...A3crg Male Vet
34 09:04:00 Stuart Thompson Andover Wheelers Male Vet
35 09:05:00 Jerry Bromyard ...A3crg Male Vet
36 09:06:00 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC Male Vet
37 09:07:00 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthian CC Male Vet
38 09:08:00 Richard Porter CC Weymouth Male Vet
39 09:09:00 Ray Claridge GA Cycles Male Vet
40 09:10:00 Philip Watts North Hampshire RC Male Vet
41 09:11:00 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
42 09:12:00 Keith Dorling Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Vet
43 09:13:00 Dave Dent GS Stella Male Vet
44 09:14:00 Tim Davies Icknield RC Male Vet
45 09:15:00 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
46 09:16:00 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
47 09:17:00 Daryl May Sheffrec CC Male Vet
48 09:18:00 James Garrett CASP Racing Club Male Vet
49 09:19:00 Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
50 09:20:00 John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
51 09:21:00 Joe Le Sage Rutland Cycling Club Male Vet
52 09:22:00 Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC Male Vet
54 09:24:00 Peter Nicholls Race Hub Male Vet
56 09:26:00 Danny Axford Arctic Tacx RT Male Vet
58 09:28:00 Alan Murchison DRAG2ZERO Male Vet
60 09:30:00 Emma Needham CC Weymouth Female Senior
61 09:31:00 Angela Carpenter I-Team Cyclists Club Female Vet
62 09:32:00 Kelly Murphy Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club Female Senior
63 09:33:00 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC Female Vet
64 09:34:00 Emily Le Beuvant Big Maggys Race Team Female Senior
65 09:35:00 Lou Dutch Synergie Coaching Female Vet
66 09:36:00 Michelle Lock GS Stella Female Vet
67 09:37:00 Elizabeth Stedman Sunsport Velo CC Female Senior
68 09:38:00 Sarah Wise CC Weymouth Female Senior
69 09:39:00 Jenny Lee RLP Racing Female Senior
70 09:40:00 Jackie Field CC Ashwell Female Vet
71 09:41:00 Tina Reid Trainsharp Female Vet
72 09:42:00 Katie Prankerd Storey Racing Female Senior
73 09:43:00 Christine Rowley Poole Whs Female Vet
74 09:44:00 Monica Dew Storey Racing Female Espoir
75 09:45:00 Louise Scupham Team Jadan-Weldtite P/B Vive Le Velo Female Espoir
76 09:46:00 Laura Cameron Storey Racing Female Senior
77 09:47:00 Sarah Matthews ...A3crg Female Vet
78 09:48:00 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing Female
79 09:49:00 Simone Dailey ...A3crg Female Senior
80 09:50:00 Jennifer George Storey Racing Female Senior
81 09:51:00 Crystal Spearman NOPINZ Female Senior
82 09:52:00 Becky Lewis Mid Shropshire Wheelers Female Senior
84 09:54:00 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Storey Racing Female Senior
86 09:56:00 Kimberley Ashton CASP Racing Club Female Senior
88 09:58:00 Sarah Storey Storey Racing Female Senior
90 10:00:00 Hayley Simmonds Team WNT Pro Cycling Female Senior

Senior Male & Espoirs
91 10:01:00 Paul Dytham Wessex Road Club Male Senior
92 10:02:00 James Eccleston Sarum Velo Male Senior
93 10:03:00 Andrew Parkhill Zoom Tri Club Male Senior
94 10:04:00 Thomas Piloni Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Senior
95 10:05:00 Ollie Mitchell ...A3crg Male Senior
96 10:06:00 Matthew Rollinson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male (withdrawn)
97 10:07:00 Daniel Halksworth Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Senior
98 10:08:00 Jack Rebours Caesarean CC (Jersey) Male Espoir
99 10:09:00 Patrick Brennan ...A3crg Male Senior
100 10:10:00 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs Male Espoir
101 10:11:00 Aaron Kneebone Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male Senior
102 10:12:00 James Brickell Fareham Wheelers CC Male Espoir
103 10:13:00 James Horton Velo Club St Raphael Male Senior
104 10:14:00 Charles Mitchell ...A3crg Male Senior
105 10:15:00 Henry Latimer Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Male Senior
106 10:16:00 Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth Male
107 10:17:00 Max Webber Abbotts Ann Cycles Male Senior
108 10:18:00 Lewis Keightley Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Senior
109 10:19:00 Steven Pink Poole Whs Male Senior
110 10:20:00 John Dewey Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Senior
111 10:21:00 Richard Jennings Shutt Velo Rapide Male Senior
112 10:22:00 George Fox Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male
113 10:23:00 Robert Moore Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Male Senior
114 10:24:00 Matthew Davies Rhino Velo Race Team Male Senior
116 10:26:00 George Evans Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Espoir
118 10:28:00 Dean Robson Northover VT / Rudy Project Male Senior
120 10:30:00 Joshua Williams Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Senior

Knights Composite Classic TT Series 2017
26 March 2017 Wessex Road Club
14 April 2017 Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
23 April 2017 Beacon RCC
14 May 2017 Team Q Bikes
28 May 2017 Border City Wheelers
11 June 2017 Hemel Hempstead CC London

The Knight Composites Classic TT Series is a points based competition held on sporting courses, this year in the South, Manchester, Midland, Scotland, North and London North Districts. In the series there are six events, with points awarded and each rider’s best four events accounted to their total. The rider with the highest points is the winner. There is a total of nine categories, men, women, espoirs, juniors, paracyclists, veterans (actual), veterans (target), women veterans plus a team award, with Knight wheelsets being awarded as prizes for each overall category winner.

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