Sunday 7 February 2016

Dorset Miles: The 100 in 8!

I rode my first Jubilee 100 in 87’ on a red Raleigh Clubman, I missed the start by 2 minutes, rode 50 miles on my own, punctured 3 times, and finished on a borrowed front wheel with 5 minutes to spare, I was hooked! Call me romantic, I know I am in the minority these days but for me the bike is about suffering, not chocolate cake, its just more satisfying. There is no reason to ride a 100 miles but like the mountain, we do it because it is there and who can resist riding through some wonderfully named villages. Someone went to a lot of trouble to Christen these places, the least we can do is go to a bit of trouble ourselves. Puddletown, Piddletrenthide, Plush, Hazelbury Bryan, Droop, Fifehead St Quentin, Knackers Hole, Fifpenny Ockford, (Okeford Fitzpaine) & Hogstock, you couldn’t make them up, well someone did! Around 40 sign-on, £1 a pop, eleven choosing the soft-option 100km, leaving 29 for the 100 miler. Afford it a fancy name, “THE COCKMEASURER’S 100”, perhaps, charge £35 to enter, put a cheap bidon and a voucher for 10% Off at the local bike shop in a plastic bag and call it a goodie bag: It would be sold out! Don’t get me started! Clockwise this year, a stiff south westerly is on our backs and in our faces, it’s a big loop. Punctures spoil the day for some, the relentless ups and down does for others. The small knot of five riders left at Wimborne, a testament to fitness but all who finish prove their reliability and after all that’s what it’s about. The ride out to Merley and home adds another 20 miles to the days total and after all these years it’s still good to see 3 digits on the Garmin.
6 hrs 43
Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 100 Mile/Km Reliability Trials Finishers List
100 Miles
Kev Ridge
Groome Steve 5.40
Murray Adrian 5.40
Pickering Dave 5.40
Deane Eamonn 5.40
Waif Paul 5.40
Rowe Clifford 5.45
Douglas Victor 5.54
Crouch David 6.30
Grainger Mark 6.30
Smith Bob 6.30
Corbin Stuart 6.35
Law Kim 6.35
Walter Michelle 6.35
Tonkin Simon 6.40
Khan Andrew 6.45
Lemos Sandro 6.48
Smith Tim 7.05
Green Simon 7.18
Makepeace David 7.18
Scriven Phillip 7.18
Cameron-Smith Bryony 7.30
Wright Joanna 7.30
Smith Anthony 8.00
Martin Gavin 8.20
Varvouvis Thanos 8.20
100Km Finishers
Bowerman-Ellis Seamus
Donner Karl
Freeman Paul
Griffiths Bob
Hewitt Kate
Nash Simon
Pye Steve
Staniland Steve
Stevenson Neil
Trenchard-Keys Paul
Wright John
Twelve riders completed all four Jubilee winter reliability trial and qualify for a BJW medal;Stuart Corbin, Victor Douglas, Mark Grainger, Simon Green, Andy Khan, Dave Makepeace, Gavin Martin, Dave Pickering, Phil Scriven, Rob Smith, Simon Tonkin and Michelle Walter. The 2016/17 series starts with the 50 in 4 on Sunday November 6th

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