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Friday, 12 July 2019

Moreton Race Series #9, Results

Rachel Hackman & James Horton the winners in the penultimate round of the Bournemouth Cyclworks Moreton series on Thursday 11th July.
1Rachel Hackman Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
2Stephanie LewarsPoole Wheelers CC
3Carol TilleyBournemouth Cycleworks VitecFire FordCivil

1 James Horton VC St Raphael M
2 Samuel Wadsley Primera-TeamJobs S
3 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs C
4 Lyndon Thompson Colten Care RT C
5 Simon Lock M
6 Tom Carter Mud Sweat n Gears CC M
7 Connor Stain Bournemouth Arrow CC YA
8 Roland Tilley Bournemouth Cycleworks VitecFire FordCivil D
9 Martin Mitchell CC Weymouth M
10 Ray Courtney B
11 Graham Biles A
12 Matt Papa S
13 Matthew Costello Army Cycling Union M
14 Chris Wilson Bournemouth Cycleworks VitecFire FordCivil M
15 Will Page Primera-Teamjobs
16 Philip Dickson Poole Wheelers CC S
17 Steve Dring Team Echelon B
18 Michael Walkey M
19 Lewis Stripp Mud Sweat n Gears CC M
20 David Furze

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