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Monday, 1 July 2019

Portsmouth Evening Circuits #13, Results

Julian Lockwood, Harrison Hendy, Jacob Schnabel, James Allen and Tristan Calloway the winners at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth on 26/06/19
YOUTH U12 [C] / U10 [D] / U8 [E]

1st Harrison HENDY D Team HUP
2nd Charlie SHEPHERD C Sotonia CC
3rd Thomas HAMPSON C Velo Club Venta
4th Myles BRADLEY D Wight Youth Cycling Club
5th Samuel HUGHES C Velo Club Venta
6th Alec TUCKER C Velo Club Venta
7th Thomas WILKS D Sotonia CC
8th Thomas ALLEN D Sotonia CC
9th Syke MARTINGALE Dg Sotonia CC
10th Chase BRADLEY E Wight Youth Cycling Club
11th Lorenzo SCARPONI E Sotonia CC
12th Giulio SCARPONI E Sotonia CC
13th Matilda WILKS Eg Sotonia CC
14th Grace HUGHES Dg Velo Club Venta
15th Jaya MARTINGALE Eg Sotonia CC
16th Ben ALLEN E Sotonia CC

YOUTH U16 [A] / YOUTH U14 [B]

1st Jacob SCHNABEL A Fareham Wheelers CC
2nd Matthew GILMOUR B Velo Club Venta
3rd Max FRANCIS A Salisbury Road & Mountain CC
4th Ollie BOARER B I-Team Cyclists’ Club
5th George COTTRELL A Poole Wheelers CC
6th Alexander MURPHY B Velo Club Venta
7th Ethan McNAMARA B VC Meudon

4 / J4
1st James ALLEN 4 Alton CC
2nd Tomos SHAW 4 Chichester City Riders (CCR)
3rd Mark HARDY 4 Army Cycling Union
4th Benjamin FELL J4 Velo Club Venta
5th Harry CHESTER 4 DHCyclesport Cycling Club
6th Aaron KNIGHT 4 DHCyclesport Cycling Club
7th Rob JUMP 4 DHCyclesport Cycling Club

3 / J3
1st Tristan CALLOWAY J3 VC Meudon
2nd Oliver NOLAN J3 British Cycling Private Member – South
3rd Sam FOX 3 British Cycling Private Member – South
4th Philip MCNAMARA 3 VC Meudon
5th Gareth FIFORD 3 Portsmouth North End CC
6th Jacob SCHNABEL A Fareham Wheelers CC
7th Andrew PALING A VC Meudon
8th Owen GILES J3 Portsmouth North End CC
9th Charlie HARRISON J3 VC Meudon
10th David KNIGHT 3 Portsmouth North End CC

E / 1 / 2 / J
1st Julian LOCKWOOD 2 Primera-TeamJobs
2nd Frank KILSBY E VC St Raphael
3rd Matthew HOULBERG J2 Portsmouth North End CC
4th Harry JOHNSON 2 VC St Raphael
5th Justin HOY 1 Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT
6th Ben SCOTT-MUNDEN 2 Sotonia CC
7th Brook ELGIE 2 Sotonia CC
8th Mike SMITH 2 MB Cyclery
9th James PECKHAM 2 Sotonia CC
10th Jacob ARIES 2 Kuota – GSG
11th David DOHERTY 2 DHCyclesport Cycling Club
12th Luis COUNTINHO 2 Racing Club Ravenna
13th Liam BARR 2 University of Portsmouth CC
14th Mark TREVIS 2 Informed Sport – LGC
15th Russell SPEIGHT 2 Sotonia CC
16th Stuart THOMPSON 2 VC St Raphael
17th George MOORE 2 i-Team Cyclists’ Club
18th Ed SLOT 2 Sotonia CC
19th Simon BROOKS 2 VC St Raphael

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