Monday 1 July 2019

Beans on Toast and Squash! Q&A with Nick Tyrie

Nicholas Tyrie (Primera-Teamjobs) has really caught our eye this season with a string of impressive performances. The 23 year old Londoner races on the front foot, always aggressive and always looking to get in the break. A strong ride at the South Region championship typified the Bath University Engineering graduate’s approach, attacking early with James Roe (Team Estera), Tyrie set up the break of the day that should have yielded more, the worsening weather conditions spoiling the chance. Coached by Chris McNamara at TRAINSHARP, Tyrie placed 27th at the 95 mile National Road Series, Tour of the Mendips the day after riding the 60 mile Portsmouth North End Summer road race, proof, if any were needed that confidence comes with fitness. Always two bidons, water in one, squash in the other and a fan of beans on toast, we spoke to Tyrie after a rare Moreton breakaway win and started by asking about his good start to the season…..
Q You are having a great season Nick, what’s the secret
I'm definitely having my best season so far. I think it's down to this being the first uninterrupted season I've done since I started racing in 2016. The support I've had from Primera-TeamJobs has been a massive help too and having some great teammates has made a huge difference!”

Q How many hours a week do you train? Do you use power meter? Do you have a day off?
I usually aim to do 12-15 hours a week but sometimes struggle to get that many in with University work. I'm coached by Chris McNamara at TrainSharp and he sets all of my sessions based on power. I also enjoy just putting my Garmin in my pocket some days and not having any data in front of me.”

Q What are your strengths, What are your weakness, what sort of race suits you?
Being a lighter rider - the hillier the race the better! I've been quite good at finding breakaways this year and really enjoy racing from the front. I'd definitely prefer my chances off the front than in a bunch sprint!”

Q Your favourite training ride/route?

My favourite ride is a long-ish group ride with some good company and a cafe stop 5 min from home!”

Winning at Moreton
Q How about your targets for the rest of the season?
My main goal for the season has been the Tour of Sussex and I've planned my training around that. We're taking a strong team so hopefully we can come away with a good result!
I'm also trying to get my 1st category licence this season so some big results in road races would help with that!”

Q Sport before cycling/How did you get into cycling?
I played rugby and swam competitively through school. I also did a bit of triathlon but funnily enough cycling was always my least favourite discipline. It wasn't until 2015 at University that I my housemate got me into road cycling and I got hooked on it.”

Q What do you do to take your mind off bike riding?
When I'm not on the bike, I like going out with friends at University and back in London. I also really enjoy cooking and eating good food. I make the most of burning so many calories on the bike to eat as much as I like off it. Definitely my favourite thing about cycling!”

Q What do you have in your bidons?
Water in one, squash in the other, always!”
…and finally….

Q Your favourite post race meal?
Some sweets and a protein shake before driving home and can't beat beans on toast when I get back.”
In the break at the Divs!

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