Tuesday 2 July 2019

Crabwood CC Heath Race: Walters Back on Top

Red Walters (Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK) won the final race of the Crabwood CC Heath series, sprinting clear of Tom Day (Giant CC Halo Films & Brook Elgie (Sotonia CC) on the rise to the line.
Elgie, along with team mate James Peckham had gone clear from the gun, dangling off the front for a couple of laps before Walters and Day powered across, a strong unit that would gain nearly two minutes on the bunch.
A mix up with the lap board added another circuit making the distance 42 miles instead of 35 miles, that and a Walters acceleration into the wind did for Peckham. Elgie was tailed off as the pace quickened and in the final the former Sotonia CC rider had too much for Race 2 winner Day.
In the veterans race Mark Greenwood (Army CU) repeated his solo win of Race 1. Attacking on what should have been the final lap, the 45 year old PT instructor comfortably held off the bunch despite the extra miles, 35 instead of 28, Steve Dring (Team Echelon ) edging out Simon Merritt (GS Vechi) for second spot.
Spare a though for Julian Lockwood (Primera-Teamjobs), a win at Mountbatten last week on a new machine, Lockwood crashed out tonight, a locked-up chain on a corner sending him into the gorse bushes and snapping the £9000 rear triangle. The Crabwood Heath series has been a success, not quite full fields but the healthy numbers are encouraging and also encouraging was to see Glenn Longland out marshaling, obviously on the mend after his serious accident earlier in the year. The Crabwood are a small club and do well to organise the Heath series but perhaps a collaborative approach next season might help to oil the wheels.
Brief Result
1 S Red Walters Sotonia Cycling Club
2 J Thomas Day Giant Cycling Club - Halo Films
3 A Brook Elgie Sotonia Cycling Club
4 M James Peckham Sotonia Cycling Club
5 S Russell Speight Sotonia Cycling Club
6 S Philip Dickson Poole Wheelers CC
7 M Pawel Niewiadomy Velo Club Venta
8 S Elliot Chilton New Forest Cycling Club
9 M Stephen Morphew Poole Wheelers CC
10 M Luke Monahan
11 M Phil Wilks Sotonia Cycling Club
12 A Tom Budden Sotonia Cycling Club
13 M Ant Gritton Sotonia Cycling Club
14 M Philip Godfrey Sotonia Cycling Club
15 M Stuart Le Tissier DHCyclesport
16 S Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Cycling Club
1 B Mark Greenwood Army Cycling Union
2 B Steve Dring Team Echelon
3 B Simon Merritt GS Vecchi
4 D Roland Tilley Bournemouth Cycleworks VitecFire FordCivil
5 B James Cocker Velo Club Venta
6 B Rowan Horner VC St Raphael
7 C Jonathan Hall Sotonia Cycling Club
8 C Lyndon Thompson Colten Care RT
9 B Neil Towns Velo Club Venta
10 A Phillip Cole Bournemouth Cycleworks VitecFire FordCivil
11 A Russell Wynn New Forest Cycling Club
12 C Lee Shirley
13 A James Davenport Nieuw Bos
14 B Mike Naulls Velo Club Venta
15 A Aj Williams Nieuw Bos
Crabwood CC Heath Race Series 2019 Results
Race 1
1 Ken Buckley Nuun Sigma Sport London RT
2 Brook Elgie Sotonia CC
3 Tom Day Giant CC Halo Films
1 Mark Greenwood Army CU
2 Jay Eastwood Hargroves Montezuma’s
3 Steve Dring Team Echelon
Race 2
1 Tom Day Giant CC Halo Films
2 Stuart Le Tissier DHC
3 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia CC
1 Steve Dring Team Echelon
2 Jay Eastwood Hargroves Montezuma’s
3 Jonathan Hall Sotonia CC
Race 3
1 Red Walters Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
2 Tom Day Giant CC Halo Films
3 Brook Elgie Sotonia CC
1 Mark Greenwood Army CU
2 Steve Dring Team Echelon
3 Simon Merritt GS Vechi

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