Tuesday 19 September 2017

Jurassic Coast Road Race,Start List


Jack English (Estera-Adventure Cycles), Warren Jesse (Excel Pedal Heaven), Richard Cartland (TrainSharp), Gary Chambers (Nopinz), Tim Dunford (Renvale RT), Kim Little (Merida Factory Racing), Steve Calland , Simon McNamara (Southdown Bikes-Casco PET), Ryan Smith (Morvelo Basso), Will Page & Ben Lockett are among a full field for the Jurassic Coast road race on Sunday 24th September. Based at Wool in Dorset, the 57 mile race incorporates 5.7 laps of the Monkey World circuit and gets underway at 10:00am

1, Jake Hollins, Bath Cycling Club, 2nd cat
2, Samuel Westlake, Bristol RC, 2nd cat
3, Joshua Davies, CC London, 2nd cat
4, Jack English, Estera powered by Adventure Cycles, 2nd cat
5, Warren Jesse, Excel Pedal Heaven Academy, 2nd cat
6, Tom Stocker, Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's, 2nd cat
7, Garth McColville, Honister '92, 2nd cat
8, Joseph Clark, I-Team Cyclists' Club, 2nd cat
9, Joseph Murray, London Dynamo, 2nd cat
10, Andrew Hitchens, Mid Devon CC, 2nd cat
11, Steven Jones (J), Mid Devon CC, 2nd cat
12, Ryan Smith, Morvelo Basso RT , 2nd cat
13, Phillip Cole, Mud Sweat n Gears CC, 2nd cat
14, Jake Yarranton, Pedal Heaven RT, 2nd cat
15, Patrick Biel, Pedalworks , 2nd cat
16, Ben Lockett, Private Member, 2nd cat
17, Will Page, Private Member, 2nd cat
18, Jack Wyllie, Retro RT, 2nd cat
19, Alex Fanshawe, Saint Piran, 2nd cat
20, Adrian Reynolds, Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain, 2nd cat
21, Tim Southcombe, Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain, 2nd cat
22, Brook Elgie, Sotonia CC, 2nd cat
23, Ed Slot, Sotonia CC, 2nd cat
24, James Peckham, Sotonia CC, 2nd cat
25, Red Walters (J), Sotonia CC, 2nd cat
26, Simon McNamara, Southdowns Bikes - Casco PET, 2nd cat
27, Steve Calland, Southdowns Bikes - Casco PET, 2nd cat
28, Ashley Fletcher, Southfork Racing.co.uk, 2nd cat
29, Graham Collins, Team Tor 2000 KALAS, 2nd cat
30, Alexander Cross (J), Team Vision Innovative Leisure, 2nd cat
31, Richard Cartland, trainSharp Club, 2nd cat
32, Luke Barfoot, Tri UK, 2nd cat
33, Alex Randall, Twickenham CC, 2nd cat
34, Chris McLaughlin (J), UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek, 2nd cat
35, Martin Rowland, UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek, 2nd cat
36, Lewis Winfield (J), VC Londres, 2nd cat
37, Daiman Law, VC Meudon, 2nd cat
38, James Plumb, Velo Club Venta, 2nd cat
100, Ben Kavanagh (J), Bath Cycling Club, 3rd cat
101, John Samways, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, 3rd cat
102, Jack Hoskins, Estera powered by Adventure Cycles, 3rd cat
103, Matthew Osborn, Estera powered by Adventure Cycles, 3rd cat
104, Michael Serafin, Guernsey Velo Club, 3rd cat
105, Sam Culverwell (J), Guernsey Velo Club, 3rd cat
106, Kim Little, Merida Factory Racing, 3rd cat
107, Gary Chambers, Nopinz, 3rd cat
108, Samuel Wadsley, Poole Wheelers CC, 3rd cat
109, Timothy Flynn, Poole Wheelers CC, 3rd cat
110, Emyr Davies, Rapha Cycling Club, 3rd cat
111, Timothy Dunford, Renvale RT, 3rd cat
112, Dorin Cam, Retro RT, 3rd cat
113, Jonathan Oxley, Ride 24/7, 3rd cat
114, Craig Wallington, Sarum Velo, 3rd cat
115, Richard Hamilton, Sarum Velo, 3rd cat
116, Russell Speight, Sotonia CC, 3rd cat
117, Jan Grosicki, Sussex Revolution Velo Club, 3rd cat
118, Oliver Winwood Bratchell (J), Velo Club Venta, 3rd cat
50, Joe Arundel, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, 4th cat
51, Marc Cox, Guernsey Velo Club, 4th cat
52, Sam Reed (J), Guernsey Velo Club, 4th cat

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