Saturday 30 September 2017

Elliott & Boyman Pay Tribute at Julian Jenkinson Memorial 10! Report, Results

James Boyman (Hoops Velo) & Rachael Elliott (DRAG2ZERO) came out on top in the re-scheduled Utag, Julian Jenkinson memorial 10 at Liphook on Saturday afternoon. Boyman clocked 18:34 on the dragstrip, P881R A3 course for a 34 second winning margin over Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC).
Sam Wadsley (Poole Wheelers) & Matthew Downie (Primera-Teamjobs) tied for third place, both stopping the clock on 19:10.
Rachael Elliott recorded a course best on her way to winning the womens race, her 20:26, 16 seconds better than teammate and new 12 Hour champion, Alice Lethbridge. The two DRAG2ZERO riders were in a class of their own with Kirsty McSeveny (Fareham Wheelers), 23:07, a distant third. Wadsley, backed up by impressive 15 year old Tom Day, 20:20 & dad, Chris Day, 22:07, riding on a borrowed bike,led Poole wheelers to the team award with a combined 1:01:37. The threatened rain never fell but a blustery headwind on the outward leg to Princes Bridge ensured it was not the fastest day at the end of a long season. Time trial champion, Julia Shaw & long time friend of Julian, Steve Whitewick, presented the prizes making it a fitting tribute to the former British Best All-Rounder who passed away last year age just 50.

Rider Reaction
Rachael Elliott "Alice (Lethbridge) is going really well so i did not expect to beat her, its touch and go, you win some, you lose some, she rode the Leith hill climb in Surrey this morning. It was the same for everyone today, a hell of a headwind out but if you tuck into the hedge it was ok i often spin out on the way back but i did'nt today so it was not a true tailwind. Julian rode the Newbury road club 12 hour which i organised, i remember him asking me lots of questions about the event, he was a superb rider, it is so sad"

James Boyman " It did not feel too hard on the way out but i was 20 seconds slower than a couple of weeks ago. I got slowed up at Ham Barn roundabout but i imagine everybody did, it was pretty busy. I remember Julian when i was a junior, he rode the Race Across America, he came back and was destroying everybody, riding club 10s. He used to have a strap tied to the tail of his aero helmet that went round his waist, i remember that"

1 James Boyman Hoops Velo 18.32
2 Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC) 19.08
=3 Matt Downie (Primera-Teamjobs) 19.10
=3 Sam Wadsley (Poole Wheelers) 19.10

1 Rachael Elliot (DRAG2ZERO) 20.26
2 Alice Lethbridge (DRAG2ZERO) 20.42
3 Kirsty McSeveny (Fareham Wheelers) 23.07

Tom Day

1 James Boyman Hoops Velo M SEN 00:18:34
2 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC M VET 00:19:08
3 Samuel Wadsley Poole Wheelers M ESP 00:19:10
=3 Matthew Downie Primera-Teamjobs M ESP 00:19:10
5 James Rix Crawley Wheelers M VET 00:19:12
6 Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths M VET 00:19:17
7 Chris McNamara Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT M VET 00:19:23
8 James Wright Charlotteville CC M VET 00:19:42
9 Chris Loake Pure Motion Cycles M SEN 00:19:51
10 Keith Lea Paceline RT M VET 00:19:52
11 Paul Lockyer New Forest CCC M SEN 00:19:53
12 Andrew Langdown Blazing Saddles M VET 00:19:54
13 Andrew Meilak VeloRefined Aerosmiths M VET 00:19:55
14 Mike Piper Abellio - SFA Racing Team M VET 00:20:01
15 Tom Morris Portsmouth North End CC M SEN 00:20:06
16 Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M SEN 00:20:07
17 Ryan Smith Morvelo Basso RT M SEN 00:20:13
18 Simon Barbour AS Test Team M SEN 00:20:15
19 Nick Wilson Rye & District Wheelers M VET 00:20:16
19= Tom Lane Latchem Sunwise RT M SEN 00:20:16
21 Thomas Day Poole Wheelers M JUV 00:20:20
22 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M VET 00:20:23
23 Dan Sadler RT316 M VET 00:20:26
24 Rachael Elliott DRAG2ZERO W SEN 00:20:26
25 John Sibley UTAG RT M VET 00:20:30
26 Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael M VET 00:20:34
27 Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC M VET 00:20:36
28 James Churchard Reading CC M VET 00:20:38
29 Antony Green New Forest CC M VET 00:20:41
30=Alice Lethbridge DRAG2ZERO W SEN 00:20:42
30= Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael M VET 00:20:42
32 Jeremy Ponting VC Godalming & Haslemere M VET 00:20:47
33 Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC M SEN 00:20:48
34 Steve Legg ...a3crg M VET 00:20:49
35= Paul Haywood Epsom Cycling Club M VET 00:20:54
35= Rich Heath Oxted CC M SEN 00:20:54
37 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC M SEN 00:21:00
38 Jake Prior Velo Club St Raphael M VET 00:21:04
39= James Peckham Sotonia CC M SEN 00:21:08
39= Anthony Bee Wigmore CC M VET 00:21:08
41 Edward Nunn Berkshire Tri Squad M SEN 00:21:09
42 Paul Byford Crawley Wheelers M VET 00:21:13
43 Adrian Blacker Norwood Paragon CC M VET 00:21:16
44 Paul Matthews UTAG RT M VET 00:21:18
45 Andrew Thomas ...a3crg M SEN 00:21:22
46= David Lugton Portsdown Hill CC M SEN 00:21:26
46= Nick Austin Sotonia CC M VET 00:21:26
48= Thomas Pfeiffer Dulwich Paragon CC M VET 00:21:29
48= Paul Medcraft Dorking CC M VET 00:21:29
50= Stuart Peckham New Forest CC M VET 00:21:40
50= David Shepherd GS Stella M VET 00:21:40
52 Mark Jones GS Stella M VET 00:21:43
53= Peter Baker Lewes Wanderers CC M VET 00:21:46
53= Stuart Stow Twickenham CC M VET 00:21:46
55 Peter Perrin Bournemouth Arrow CC M VET 00:21:52
56 Drew Hosie ...a3crg M VET 00:21:53
57= Gary Allan G A Cycles M VET 00:21:55
57= Richard Tully Elite Cycling M VET 00:21:55
59 Stewart Ward New Forest CC M SEN 00:21:56
60 Martin Winter Twickenham CC M VET 00:21:57
61 Darren Anderson Fareham Wheelers CC M 00:21:58
62 Christopher day Poole Wheelers M VET 00:22:07
63 Gary Ferrett Hampshire Road Club M VET 00:22:08
64 Tony Tuohy Redmon CC M VET 00:22:14
65 Justin Priest New Forest CC M VET 00:22:18
66 Ian White Farnham Road Club M VET 00:22:19
67 Paul Flight UTAG RT M VET 00:22:28
68 Robert Charles Blazing Saddles M VET 00:22:29
69 Peter Franks Charlotteville CC M VET 00:22:46
70 Lee Turner Sigma M VET 00:22:47
71 Joe Reynolds Portsmouth North End CC M SEN 00:22:48
72 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael M VET 00:22:49
73 Adam Evans Banjo M VET 00:22:58
74 Jonathan Thomas Epsom Cycling Club M 00:22:58
75 Chris Jolliffe Crawley Wheelers M VET 00:23:00
76 Kirsty McSeveney Fareham Wheelers CC W SEN 00:23:07
77 Patrick Brennan ...a3crg M SEN 00:23:09
78 Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC M SEN 00:23:10
79 Keith Garbutt South Western RC M VET 00:23:11
80 Paul Bailey UTAG RT M VET 00:23:15
81 Oliver Berney Royal Sutton CC M VET 00:23:23
82 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs W SEN 00:23:24
83 Michael Harrison North Hampshire RC M VET 00:23:25
84 Cliff Voller Newbury RC M VET 00:23:26
85 Alistair Asher Team Quest M VET 00:23:27
86 Daniel Sharp Charlotteville CC M VET 00:23:36
87 Marianne Holt Fareham Wheelers CC W SEN 00:23:51
88 Michael Gowan Festival Road Club M VET 00:23:59
89 Jonathan Asbridge Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA M VET 00:24:02
90 Ron Hooper Fareham Wheelers CC M VET 00:24:20
91 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael M VET 00:24:25
92 Paul Winkley East Grinstead CC M VET 00:24:27
93 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC W VET 00:24:48
94 Frank Edge VC Godalming & Haslemere M VET 00:24:59
95 Mary Corbett/Norman Harvey Sotonia CC Tandem 00:25:35
96 Robyn Yates Addiscombe CC W VET 00:26:06
97 Gillian Reynolds Willesden CC W VET 00:26:16
98 Barry Packman Epsom Cycling Club M VET 00:26:37
99 Bob Jolliffe New Forest CC M VET 00:27:07
100 Stan Bennett ...a3crg M VET 00:28:16
101 Dee Ferrett Hampshire Road Club W VET 00:30:24

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