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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ludgershall Winter Series Round 8, Full Results/Severn Bridge Support Race

1st Lee King Rides On Air
2nd Barnaby Cox Gillingham and District Wheelers
3rd Roger Theron Army Cycling Union
4th Jonathan Hicks Pearsons Cycling Club
5th Jahan Hunter Manchester Wheelers
6th Liam Walsh Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
7th Kevin Baker Andover Wheelers
8th Liam Corrigan Radeon Cycle Coaching
9th Paul Helyer Blazing Saddles
10th Gary Hill
11th Colin Dixon Portsdown Hill CC
12th Micheal Gates Kingston Wheelers cc
13th Kurtis Rowe Yeovil CC
14th James Beeches Army Cycling Union
15th Steve Biddulph Army Cycling Union
16th Dennis Keene Army Cycling Union
17th Richard Lewis Chippenham & District Wheelers CC
18th Bob Richardson BC PM
19th Richard Scott Army Cycling Union
20th Chris Bennett Army Cycling Union
21st Ian Laurence Radeon Cycle Coaching
22nd Tom Stocker
23rd Tom Bandy Portsdown Hill CC
24th Julian Sheppard New Forest CC

1st Tristan Grigalis Southampton University RC
2nd Nick Skardon VC Walcot
3rd Jonathan Gates Royal Air Force cc
4th Simon Cox Climb on Bikes
5th Jonathan Fowles Velo Club Walcot
6th Calum Croft BC PM
7th Steve Pryn Bristol Road Club
8th Tim Hammond Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
9th James Eldridge Climb on Bikes
10th Adam Nichols Bath University
11th Samual Game University of Bristol CC
12th Alistair Berry offcamber
13th Thomas Hall University of Bristol CC
14th Dan Atkins Didcot Phoenix
15th Chirs Szpojnarowicz British Cycling Private Member - south
16th Tom Goodyer Portsmouth North End CC
17th Adam Gardner G.S Henley
18th Ian Robson Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
19th Giles Prentice VC Walcot
20th Ian Treadwell Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
21st Jonathan York Somer Valley CC
22nd James Foster Gillingham and District Wheelers
23rd Christopher Brooks Southampton University RC
24th Tom Martin Farnborough and Camberley RC
25th Matt Colson BC PM
26th Alex Girdler BC PM

3/J3 results:
1st Joe Barry Performance Cycles
2nd Greg Shrosbree VC Meudon
3rd Kim Little gillingham and district wheelers
4th David Barnaville Felt Colbornes RT
5th Robert Ward Asfra Racing Team
6th Spencer Robinson
7th Matt Callaghan Gloucester City CC
8th Steve Glass
9th Ben Urquhart Blazing Saddles
10th David Blount BC PM
11th Chris Hutchings VC Venta
12th Alan Spurden Andover Wheelers
13th Charles Sanders Cadence RT
14th Alex Harding Andover Wheelers
15th Sean Faulkner Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
16th Paul Ferguson VC Walcot
17th Sebastian Finch VO2 Development Team
18th Colin Tirer Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
19th Tom King Southampton University RC
20th Luke Harvey Performance Cycles
21st Micheal Rivers Southampton University RC
22nd Robert Edgell Performance Cycles
23rd Charlie Cresswell-Hogg Portsmouth North End CC
24th Chris Eccles Sid Valley CC
25th Ben Rickaby Southampton University RC
26th Michael Young VC Walcot
27th Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphaël/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
28th Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
29th Tristan Grigalis Southampton University RC

E/1/2/3 /J1/J2/J3 results:
1st Martin Smith AW Cycles
2nd Robert Ward Asfra Racing Team
3rd Greg Shrosbree VC Meudon
4th Duncan Lancashire Andover Wheelers
5th Tavis Walker Dream Cycling
6th James Phillips Severn RC
7th Phillip Reynolds Peter Hansford Racing
8th Charles Coleman Dream Cycling
9th David Barnaville Felt Colbornes RT
10th Jason Streather VC St Raphaël/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
11th Simon Barnes Procycling Magazine RT
12th David Hutchinson VC St Raphaël/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
13th David Billings Motivo RT
14th Scott Leakey Performance Cycles
15th Ben Homa Beeline RT / Army Cycling Union
16th Shaun Green Army Cycling Union
17th Ben Rickaby Southampton University RC


1st Stephen WILLIAMS Ystwyth Cycling Club
2nd Jack REED Royal Dean Forest CC
4th David CURTIS-WHITFIELD Avonlea Treasure RT
5th Ben DAVIS Bristol Road Club
6th Steve THOMAS Bristol Road Club
7th James LOCKER V-Sprint
8th Tom MARSHALL Velo Club Montpellier
9th Jordan BASON MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
10th Richard BUSSELL Beacon Road Cycling Club
11th Peter BANHAM Fred Williams Cycles
12th Joe BARRY Performance Cycles
13th Joe FOX MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
14th Sam DAVIES Abergavenny Road Club
15th Jonathon GOULD BC PM
16th Harry WALTON Cheltenham & County CC
17th Hywel SILVESTER Bike Doctor
18th Sean BOLTON Swindon Road Club
19th Ashleigh JAMES Bristol Cycling Development Squad
20th Simon DAWE Bristol Road Club
21st Lewis BEVAN EC Cycles
22nd Tom BOWERING VO2 Development Team
23rd Simon COLES Norwood Paragon CC
24th Noah GODMAN Severn Road Club
25th Steve GLASS
26th Jake COWARD Rapha Condor Cycling Club
28th Mathew BLACKMORE Bristol Road Club
29th Jeremy RAYNER Somer Valley CC
30th Steven GREEN Bristol South Cycling Club
31st James GRIFFIN VC Montpellier
32nd Nathan ANSCOMBE Bristol Road Club
33rd David GORTON Team Tor 2000
34th Ethan LEE NFTO
35th Mitch EVANS Ride 24/7
36th Michael DANIELS Somerset Road Club -Bicycle Chain
37th Rob EDGELL Performance Cycles
38th Stephane PANG Onit Sports
39th Steven WHITEHURST Cheddar Cycle Club
40th John WOOD NFTO
41st Geoff RIPLEY Bristol Road Club
42nd David OSBORNE Bristol Road Club
43rd Gary SHEPPARD Bath Cycling Club
44th Joseph THOMAS University of Bristol Cycling Club
45th Gordon PARK NTFO
46th Stuart BAYLIS Bristol Road Club
47th Andrew PERRY Bristol Road Club

Thanks to Sue Knight

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