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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Racing Club Omega Youth Omnium Results

Results from a rain-affevted youth omnium at Bournemouth track.
Pos Name Club TT Time TT Pos Elimination Scratch Sprint Points
1st Alistair FIELDING Poole Whls CC 1:12:20 1 5 2
2nd Cameron THOMSON Performance Cycle Coaching 1:12:37 2 3 3
3rd Louis ROSE-DAVIES Hillingdon Slipstreamers 1:13:94 6 2 1
4th Anthony ANDERSON Sigma 1:12:70 4 1 4
5th Charley CALVERT Bournemouth Arrow CC 1:12:46 3 6 5
6th Harvey MCNAUGHTON I-Team Cyclists' Club 1:15:27 7 4 6
7th Matthew COX Bristol Cycling Development Squad 1:12:95 5 7 7
8th Thamana NEL I-Team Cyclists' Club 1:15:43 8 8 9
9th Nicholas GILL Sutton Cycling Club 1:19:88 12 9 8
10th Alex COLLINS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 1:18:44 9 12 10
11th Ieuan WOODS Charlotteville CC 1:19:71 11 13 11
12th Niall DAWKINS Hillingdon Slipstreamers 1:19:40 10 16 12
13th George BECK Salt & Sham Cycle Club 1:22:72 13 15 15
14th Lewis HALLER Charlotteville CC 1:23:91 17 10 17
15th James WAKEFIELD Bournemouth Arrow 1:24:76 18 14 13
16th Jacob KILBY Palmer Park Velo RT 1:22:93 15 11 19
17th Liam HARRIS Palmer Park Velo RT 1:22:83 14 17 20
18th Morgan CURLE Velo Club Walcot 1:26:46 22 19 14
19th Lewis GOULD Bristol Cycling Development Squad 1:23:75 16 26 16
20th Oscar WARRINGTON Solent Pirates 1:24:81 19 20 23
21st Ben WRIGHT Bournemouth Arrow 1:25:77 20 27 18
22nd Callum MCQUEEN Palmer Park Velo RT 1:30:11 23 24 21
23rd David SYMONS Palmer Park Velo RT 1:30:96 25 21 24
24th Luke PEYTON Palmer Park Velo RT 1:33:64 27 23 22
25th Ben TURNER Palmer Park Velo RT 1:30:36 24 22 26
26th Samuel DAWSON Palmer Park Velo RT 1:29:99 23 25 25
27th Bryn TURNER British Cycling Private Member - South 1:35:49 28 18 27
28th Robert RYAN Palmer Park Velo RT 1:31:26 26 28 30

1st Angus HAWKINS Palmer Park Velo RT
2nd Charlie KELLY Bristol Cycling Development Squad
3rd George SLOAN VC Jubilee
4th Jamie BRAY Newport Olympic Cycling Club
5th Samuel CLARK I-Team Cyclists’ Club
6th Joshua KNOWLES Palmer Park Velo RT
7th Elliot COX Portsmouth North End CC
8th Vaughan MARRIS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
9th Owen GILES Portsmouth North End CC
10th Timothy SINCLAIR Palmer Park Velo RT
11th Sam KELLY Bristol Cycling Development Squad
12th Adam LONG Solent Pirates
13th Euan MACLEOD Palmer Park Velo RT
14th Thomas DAY Poole Whls CC
15th Jamie SERIES Palmer Park Velo RT
16th Thomas CLARKE Palmer Park Velo RT
17th Jamie HAYCOCK Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
18th Joseph MASOERO Palmer Park Velo RT
19th Ben WILLSON Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
20th Matthew DAY Solent Pirates
21st Sam FREEMAN Solent Pirates
22nd Dylan TAYLOR Palmer Park Velo RT
23rd Duncan PRITCHARD Palmer Park Velo RT
24th Thomas CHALLEN Solent Pirates
25th Arthur BOULTON Palmer Park Velo RT
26th Isaac ELLIOTT Solent Pirates
27th Alexi EDWARDS Palmer Park Velo RT
28th Jamie PULLEN Palmer Park Velo RT
29th Max REED Palmer Park Velo RT
30th Ryan HODGKYNS Poole Whls CC
31st Euan TAYLOR Salt & Sham Cycle Club
32nd Harry DRIDGE Solent Pirates

1st Caitlin PETERS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
2nd Lucy GADD Poole Whls CC
3rd Jemma BOWLER Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4th Freya THATCHER Newport Youth Velo Cycling Club
5th Amy PERRYMAN Solent Pirates
6th Zoe BROOKES Hillingdon Slipstreamers
7th Emily CONN Palmer Park Velo RT
8th Freya RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End CC
9th Lauren BOOTH Carnac-Planet X
10th Jennifer OLIVER Palmer Park Velo RT
11th Connie STEVENS Palmer Park Velo RT
12th Amy CANTELO Solent Pirates
13th Poppy PATTINSON Solent Pirates

1st James ASHCROFT Palmer Park Velo RT
2nd Cal GORVY Palmer Park Velo RT
3rd Jamie GOSTICK Palmer Park Velo RT
4th Archie SLOAN VC Jubilee
5th Jude BEATON Portsmouth North End CC
6th Jamie WHITCHER Solent Pirates
7th Isaac WARRINGTON Solent Pirates
8th Harry CLARKE Palmer Park Velo RT
9th Aiden DEWHIRST Poole Whls CC
10th William GADD Poole Whls CC
11th Samuel JAQUES Preston Park Youth CC
12th Michael SUMNER Welwyn Wheelers CC

1st Alexa HAWKINS Palmer Park Velo RT
2nd Laura CURLE Velo Club Walcot
3rd Poppy LLEWELLYN Poole Whls CC
4th Elena DAY Solent Pirates

1st Arlo CAREY Palmer Park Velo RT
2nd Jed SMITHSON Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3rd Pascal GIRET Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4th Thomas ASHCROFT Palmer Park Velo RT
5th Finn HAWKINS Palmer Park Velo RT
6th James BROWN Palmer Park Velo RT
7th Lewis SEAWARD Solent Pirates
8th Luke GOODWILL Preston Park Youth CC
9th Greta CAREY Palmer Park Velo RT
10th Oliver PETTIFER Poole Whls CC
11th Ella BEATON Portsmouth North End CC
12th Digby LLEWELLYN Poole Whls CC
13th Dylan DAVISON Solent Pirates
14th Daisy PATTINSON Solent Pirates
15th Daniele NEGRONI Palmer Park Velo RT
16th Alexander KEARY Palmer Park Velo RT

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