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Perfs Pedal, 10th February 2019

Monday, 13 April 2015

Crabwood CC 10, A Saturday Double for Stanton

Aran Stanton VC St Raphael went off early in the solo event which he won with 21:41, then headed straight back to the start to pair up with team-mate Bryce Dyer and together they went 10 seconds faster to win the 2-up event.

In the solo event Matthew Charlton Farnborough & Camberley CC was the only other rider inside 22 mins (21:51), and 3rd was Nick O’Hara New Forest CC 22:11, John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers was 4th. 5th was Ray Hughes, Clarence Wheelers, 22:37 who took 2nd vet on standard prize, with 72-year-old Terry Icke taking first vet on standard with 23:05, a plus of 6:09. Adel Tyson-Bloor (Mule Bar Girls/Sigma Sport) was 1st lady with 24:52. Thanks to Claire Newman

In the 2-up event, second place went to Nigel Pratt and Simon Healey Andover Wheelers with 22:18; (Ray Claridge GA Cycles and John Sibley VeloRefined Aerosmiths won the composite team prize with their 22:17). 14-year-old Alex Hall Andover Wheelers, partnered by Dad Simon Hall, won the prize for fastest team with a woman or a juvenile.
Mr Aran Stanton Velo Club St Raphael V 0:26:27 00:21:41 00:04:46
Mr Matthew Charlton Farnborough & Camberley CC 00:21:50
Mr Nick O'hara New Forest CC V 0:26:32 00:22:11 00:04:21
Mr John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 0:26:04 00:22:33 00:03:31
Mr Raymond Hughes Clarence Wheelers V 0:27:20 00:22:37 00:04:43
Mr Simon Berogna VC St Raphael V 0:26:04 00:22:40 00:03:24
Mr Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 0:27:14 00:22:47 00:04:27
Mr Terry Icke Velo Club St Raphael V 0:29:14 00:23:05 00:06:09
Mr Stephen Wood Antelope Racing Team V 0:26:50 00:23:49 00:03:01
Mr Martin Beale VC St Raphael V 0:26:09 00:24:10 00:01:59
Mr Jerry Bromyard Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA V 0:27:38 00:24:23 00:03:15
Mr Kelly Miller Farnborough & Camberley CC V 00:26:04 00:24:24 00:01:40
Mr Rob Daniels Exeter Wheelers 00:24:37
Ms Adel Tyson-Bloor Mule Bar Girls /Sigma Sport W 00:24:52
Mr Stephen Skinner VTTA (Wessex Group) V 0:27:26 00:25:01 00:02:25
Mr Richard Cudlip Velo Club Venta V 0:26:13 00:25:04 00:01:09
Mr Matthew Pepper Fareham Wheelers CC V 0:26:13 00:25:24 00:00:49
Mr Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC V 0:26:50 00:25:26 00:01:24
Mr David Hanbury Saracen RC V 0:28:52 00:25:48 00:03:04
Mr Mark Jefferies New Forest CC V 0:26:09 00:25:55 00:00:14
Mr David England Crabwood CC V 0:29:14 00:26:12 00:03:02
Mr Alan Bigwood Crabwood CC V 0:27:04 00:26:46 00:00:18
Miss Caroline Light Sarum Velo W 00:27:21
Mr John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood CC V 0:27:38 00:28:30
Miss Diane Ashfield Mendip Cycling Club W 0:28:06 00:28:40
Mrs Kate Daniels Exeter Wheelers W 00:28:57
Mr Barrington Day Fareham Wheelers CC V 0:30:07 00:32:00
Mr Phil Morris Hampshire RC V 0:27:14 00:33:09
Mr Glenn Longland Antelope Racing Team V 0:27:32 DNS Apol
Mr Rob Sherrin ...a3crg V 0:26:32 DNS Apol
Mr Sam Orbell Farnham RC DNS Apol
Mr Jonathan Hyndman Sotonia CC V 0:26:13 DNS Apol
Two Up
1 Aran Stanton Velo Club St Raphael
1 Bryce Dyer Velo Club St Raphael 00:21:31
Ray Claridge G A Cycles Comp
John Sibley VeloRefined Aerosmiths 00:22:17
Nigel Pratt Andover Whs
Simon Healey Andover Whs 00:22:18
Luke Trussler Poole Whs
Craig Weston Poole Whs 00:25:11
Alex Hall Andover Whs Juv
Simon Hall Andover Whs 00:26:47
Stewart Harrison Andover Whs Comp
Martin Balk New Forest CC 00:27:46
Lizzy Yates Andover Whs W
Graeme Lawes Andover Whs 00:28:16
Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC
Guy Bolton Bournemouth Arrow CC DNF

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