Friday, 24 April 2015

Bournemouth GP, Start List

The Bournemouth GP is promoted by Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers to view the race day programme click HERE
Laura Clode VC St Raphael
Amy Smith Project 51
Jonathan Carr Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Gareth Rose Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Harrison Fielding Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
Adrian Clode Charterbank Potburys RT
Neil Rutter Cotswold Veldrijden
Lewis Martin Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Matthew Callaghan Gloucester City CC
Samuel Wadsley Poole Whls CC
Alex Jolliffe Team Terminator
Graeme Lackford Team Tor 2000
Jason Duckworth VC St Raphael
Scott Warren Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Johannes Roux Giant Cycling Club - Halo Films
William Clark Poole Whls CC
Dan Lovett Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Michael Courage Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
Steven Evans I-Team Cyclists' Club
Christopher Day Poole Whls CC
Gareth Llewellyn Poole Whls CC
Conal Low-Grier Poole Whls CC

Youth Entries
Charley Calvert Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
James Wakefield Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Ben Wright Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Matthew Cox Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Alex Collins Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Harvey McNaughton I-Team Cyclists' Club
Thamana Nel I-Team Cyclists' Club

Lucy Edmunds Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Molly Haycock Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Jamie Kimber Cotswold Veldrijden
Eve Jefferies Giant Cycling Club - Halo Films
Amber Joseph Palmer Park Velo RT
Rebecca Hurst Poole Whls CC
Ella Freeman Solent Pirates
Saran Mullen Solent Pirates
Kara Perryman Solent Pirates

Jamie Haycock Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Ben Willson Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
Vaughan Marris Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Samuel Clark I-Team Cyclists' Club
Jamie Bray Newport Olympic Cycling Club
Thomas Day Poole Whls CC
Elliot Cox Portsmouth North End CC
Thomas Challen Solent Pirates
Sam Freeman Solent Pirates
Joel Hawkins Solent Pirates
Adam Long Solent Pirates

Caitlin Peters Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Lucy Gadd Poole Whls CC
Freya Richardson Portsmouth North End CC
Amy Cantelo Solent Pirates
Poppy Pattinson Solent Pirates
Amy Perryman Solent Pirates
Samuel Jaques Preston Park Youth CC
Jamie Whitcher Solent Pirates
Poppy Llewellyn Poole Whls CC
Digby Llewellyn Poole Whls CC

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