Friday, 18 April 2014

Bournemouth Arrow Easter 10: Dighton & Parker Share the Spoils!

Gary Dighton ( & Gregg Parker (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) shared the spoils in the Bournemouth Arrow Easter 10, both clocking 22:00 on the Ringwood-Sopley course. It was Dighton’s fourth open win of the year but his first ever dead heat; Wareham-based Dighton had won two club 10’s midweek and clearly loves to race. Parker had been less competitive having just returned from eight days touring in Provence, though he did admit to doing a few hill repeats on Mont Ventoux.
Paul Jones (Primera came third 17 seconds down. The lack of a third Primera rider saw Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers win the team award courtesy of Dave Pickering, Cliff Rowe & John Marriner. Jo-Anne McRae (Look Mum no Hands) was first lady with 28:06. Emulating his dad, Luke Dighton (Poole Wheelers) won the junior prize with 29.21. The P311 out & back, chases the river down the Avon valley before turning at the Woolpack Inn, a light northerly made the trip home a little harder, it was no “float” but the bright sunshine was perhaps, a sign of things to come.
1st= 40 Gary Dighton V 22:00 1st
1st= 50 Greg Parker Velo Club St Raphael V 22:00 1st
3rd 30 Paul Jones V 22:17 3rd
4th 25 Dave Pickering Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 22:32 4th
5th 10 Nick O'Hara New Forest CC V 22:59 5th
6th 33 Wayne Pitman Poole Whs V 23:04 6th
7th 45 Dave Moffett 1st Chard Whs V 23:17 7th
8th 5 Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 23:28 8th
9th 38 Dan Wright Reading CC 24:01
10th 46 Brendan Reese Bournemouth Arrow CC 24:05
11th 23 Mark Hardwicke Bournemouth Arrow CC V 24:16
12th 20 Martin Beale VC Raphael Waite Contracts V 24:24
13th 42 Daniel Edwards Sotonia CC 24:48
14th 52 Gary Cure Bournemouth Arrow CC V 24:48
15th 41 Peter Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC V 24:50
16th 51 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC V 24:53
17th 16 John Marriner Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 24:57
18th 35 Paul King Team Sales Engine V 25:03
19th 11 Tim Day Born to Bike V 25:16
20th 4 Stephen Tiernan Southampton University Road Club 25:23
21st 31 Craig Weston Poole Whs V 25:23
22nd 44 Kevin Ridge BJW V 25:36
23rd 21 William Clark Poole Whs 25:39
24th 32 Peter Perrin Bournemouth Arrow CC V 25:44
25th 1 Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC V 26:07
26th 6 Howard Pankhurst Poole Whs V 27:05
27th 53 Paul Stewart Simonstrong Campaigners V 27:14
28th 3 Andrew Parkhill Bournemouth Arrow CC 27:18
29th 8 John Rivett Poole Whs 27:31
30th 9 Paul Canham Bournemouth Arrow CC V 27:39
31st 47 Andre Barber Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 27:42
32nd 22 Chris Jolliffe New Forest CC V 27:58
33rd 14 Martin Nobbs Portsmouth Triathletes V 28:00
34th 13 Joanne Mcrae Look Mum No Hands! L 28:06 1st Lady
35th 12 Martin Balk New Forest CC V 28:07
36th 17 Martin Ward Sotonia CC V 28:29
37th 37 William Wilson CC Weymouth V 28:35
38th 19 Sarah Wise Mud Sweat and Gears L 29:02
39th 28 Debbie Hallett Portsmouth Triathletes LV 29:04
40th 24 Lizzy Yates Andover Whs LV 29:15
41st 36 Claire Day Born to Bike LV 29:18
42nd 43 Luke Dighton Poole Whs J 29:21 1st junior
43rd 34 Lauren Bishop Poole Whs L 29:39
44th 18 Harry Pitman Poole Whs J 30:48
45th 2 Robert Jolliffe New Forest CC V 30:55
46th 48 Charlotte Sampson Bournemouth Arrow CC L 31:03
47th 29 Samuel Brooke Poole Wheelers J 31:26
48th 39 Phil Morris VTTA (Wessex Group) V 33:14
49th 27 Barrington Day Fareham Wheelers CC V 33:27

7 Christopher Kimpton Fareham Whs V dns
49 Pete Warner Bournemouth Jubilee Whs dns
15 Jason Streather VC Raphael Waite Contracts V dns-apol
26 Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC V dns-apol

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