Wednesday, 24 July 2013

CC Weymouth Club 10, 23/07/13

23 July 2013, Club 10 P459

From Moreton to Monkey World

Mud, Seat 'n' Gears roadie Calum Croft, fresh from winning the latest round of the Moreton Tli series decided to have another go at time trialling on the P459, otherwise known as the Monkey World course as it travels around the outside of the world famous ape rescue centre. Calum again proved his talent winning in an impressive 22:29 however he almost failed to get in the event after turning up (like several others) late and incurring the wrath, or rather the sarcasm, of time keeper Justin and twenty other riders all pointing to their imaginary watches.

James Horton, another winner at Moreton this season, also decided to join us and put in an impressive time of 22:52 showing some good improvement this year and taking second place. Rounding out the top three and taking a further 10 points in his quest for the club trophy was Steve Pink finishing in a course best of 23:31.

Also worthy of mention were Andrew Jackson who has been consistenly achieving course and personal best over the last four or five weeks and did so again tonight, and Lizzie Reynolds who took a big chunk off of her PB and getting some well deserved reward for all her hard work of late. Chapeau to both!

Full Results:

1. Calum Croft Mud, Sweat 'n' Gears 22:29
2. James Horton CANNONDALE 22:52
3. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 23:31
4. Stuart McPhail CC Weymouth 23:41
5. David Butt CC Weymouth 23:54
6. Gordon Scott Chippenham and Dist Wheelers 24:54
7. Matt Merritt CC Weymouth 25:12
8. Andrew Jackson Day member 26:03
9. Ian Hughes Bustin Skin 26:05
10. Nick Ireland Dorset Pentathetes 26:33
11. Andrew Stevenson CC Weymouth 26:41
12. Steve Trigwell CC Weymouth 26:55
13. Graham Otter CATI 26:58
14. Andrew Preston CC Weymouth 27:02
15. Ian Miller CC Weymouth 27:55
16. Brian Sands CC Weymouth 28:47
17. George Bell Day Member 28:52
18. Carole Hughes CATI 29:22
19. Sam Davis Day Member 29:27
20. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 29:48
21. Richard Gould CC Weymouth 30:41
22. Lizzie Reynolds CC Weymouth 31:25
23. Max Otter Day Member 32:27

Thanks to Steve Pink

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