Monday 21 January 2019

VC St Raphael HardRiders Time Trial : Entries Wanted!

There are 8 days to go before entries close for the VC ST Raphael classic event.

Mick Waite VC ST Raphael sponsor has kindly donated a Trophy to the event which will be awarded to the fastest rider over the two laps.

This will be an Annual presentation and The winner will have his or her name engraved and keep for one year.

The event has been now running for 3 years and passed winners have been engraved.

This event is also part of the Sporting Series League.

*support your local Team and riders*

Event organiser Simon Berogna (above) is calling for all South DC riders to support is VC St Raphael hard riders events and enter!

"Only Two weeks to go before the closing date."

Two categories Road and Time Trial bikes

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