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...a3crg 10, Report/ Results

The Final Roundup 14th August P883

The Final Evening bash down the A3, on the P883 (Petersfield Bypass) didn't quite live up to its expectations. Once again the wind was funnelling down the course from Butser Hill making the outward leg very quick, but it is the return into the wind up to the finish where it hurts. The majority of the riders who had ridden the course the previous week were around 25-30 seconds down this week. However, there were four "PB's" from the younger generation & a new course record, so not all gloom & doom. Chris Bartley (AS Test Team) who set the course record in May on the P881 at 18:22 set a new P833 record at erm . . . 18:22 equalling his pb, well it does stop any confusion! The previous course record holder James Rix (Team Bottrill) was thirty five seconds down on Bartley. Kevin Tye (VeloRefined Aerosmiths) took third place and the 1st Vets prize with a 19:09. Tom Temple (Primera-Teamjobs) wasn't far behind in 8th place (19:40) to take the Junior prize.

The first woman Vicky Gill from Winchester (DRAG2ZERO) was out on her own taking the women's award with a 21:14. Second place was promoting team Angela Carpenter closely followed by Kelly Stokes (Portsmouth Tri) & Caitlin Peters (i-team Cyclists Club)

This was the final event in the ...a3crg Summer Series, fifteen events all open and thirteen of them at a budget busting five pounds. Off the fifteen evening events that were run (all open), with times and national points counting, there were six courses used , events were for 10, 15 & 25 miles, new course records were set plus National records & age group records gained. When you stop to think about it ...a3crg have achieved a hell of lot for an evening series, but none of this would have been possible without the enthusiasm from the riders and help from riders too marshal and help with the events. Surely a model to be picked up for other clubs to follow.
Thanks to Dave Collard-Berry

"The Final Roundup" ~ Tuesday 14th August P883 (A3) Buriton / Petersfield (Petersfield By-Pass)
The Result

1 Chris Bartley AS Test Team Sen 00:18:22*
2 James Rix Team Bottrill Vet 00:18:57
3 Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths Vet 00:19:09
4 Simon McNamara South Downs Bikes Vet 00:19:14
5 Chris McNamara Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Vet 00:19:17
6 Richard Simmonds Look Mum No Hands! Vet 00:19:26
7 Piers Barnett GS Henley Sen 00:19:27
8 Tom Temple Primera-Teamjobs Jun 00:19:40
9 Alan Murchison DRAG2ZERO Vet 00:19:44
10 Gavin Hinxman DRAG2ZERO Vet 00:19:48
11= Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles Vet 00:19:57
11= James Wright Charlotteville CC Vet 00:19:57
13 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers Vet 00:20:02
14 Andrew Thomas ...a3crg Sen 00:20:18
15 Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael Vet 00:20:21
16 Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers CC Vet 00:20:23
17 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes Vet 00:20:24
18 Ian Greenstreet AeroCoach Vet 00:20:27
19 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs Vet 00:20:28
20= Bryce Dyer Velo Club St Raphael Vet 00:20:31
20= Ben Williams i-team Cyclists Club Esp 00:20:31
22 Patryk Witkowski Poole Wheelers Sen 00:20:39
23 Keith Dorling Team Bottrill Vet 00:20:46
24 David Wells Petersfield Tri Club Vet 00:20:48
25 Ryan Smith Charlotteville CC Sen 00:20:49
26 Xavier Disley AeroCoach Sen 00:20:51
27 Michael Renardson Trainsharp Jun 00:20:56
28 David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Italy Bike Tours RT Vet 00:21:03
29 Peter Hatt Velo Club St Raphael Vet 00:21:05
30 Mark Taylor VC Meudon Sen 00:21:07
31 Gavin Tillson cyclisme du loup solitaire Vet 00:21:08
32 Vicky Gill DRAG2ZERO WS 00:21:14
33 Matthew Hickman i-team Cyclists Club Juv 00:21:19
34 Jon Saunders Charlotteville CC Sen 00:21:21
35 David Triska VC Godalming & Haslemere Sen 00:21:23
36= Oliver Handley Southampton University RC Esp 00:21:30
36= Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Vet 00:21:30
38 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:21:44
39 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:21:59
40 Angela Carpenter ...a3crg WV 00:22:27
41 Kelly Stokes Portsmouth Triathletes WS 00:22:30
42 Max Doyle ...a3crg Jun 00:22:31
43 Caitlin Peters i-team Cyclists Club WJ 00:22:49
44 Jenny Simmonds Look Mum No Hands! WV 00:23:05
45 Mike Garner ...a3crg Vet 00:23:18
46 Kirsty McSeveney Fareham Wheelers CC WS 00:23:21
47 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Vet 00:23:23
48= Sue Rust Kettering CC WV 00:23:38
48= Sarah Matthews ...a3crg WV 00:23:38
50 Marianne Holt Team Bottrill WS 00:23:43
51 Steve Legg ...a3crg Vet 00:23:46
52 Julie Chasin Twickenham CC WV 00:23:50
53 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC WV 00:24:36
54 Rachel Clay VC Meudon WV 00:24:45
55 Darryl Barr ...a3crg Vet 00:25:06
56 Eva Nyirenda ...a3crg WS 00:25:08
57 Peter Drabble WORX Factory Racing Juv 00:25:10
58 Jim Morris GS Vecchi Vet 00:25:20
59 Robyn Yates Addiscombe CC WV 00:25:45
* New Course Record
Team Classification

1 DRAG2ZERO Alan Murchison, Gavin Hinxman, Vicky Gill 01:00:46
2 Velo Club St Raphael Andy Smith, Bryce Dyer, Peter Hatt 01:01:57
3 Charlotteville CC James Wright, Ryan Smith, Jon Saunders 01:02:07
4 Team Bottrill James Rix, Keith Dorling, Marianne Holt 01:03:26
5 i-team Cyclists Club Ben Williams, Matthew Hickman, Caitlin Peters 01:04:39
6 ...a3crg Andrew Thomas, Angela Carpenter, Max Doyle 01:05:16
7 Fareham Wheelers CC Neil Mackley, David Dalton, Kirsty McSeveney 01:07:04

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