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Prendas Ciclismo
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Perfs Pedal, 10th February 2019

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 8.5, 05/05/15,Results

1 Will Soloman BJW 20.20
2 Mark Savage BJW 20.23
3 Jon Clemas BJW 20.47
4 Nick Jones BJW 22.24
5 Danny French BJW 23.20
6 Kevin Ridge BJW 23.59
7 Rob Hammond BJW 24.34
8 Finbar McMillan BJW 28.20

12c but wind chill. Cloudy. 1003mb, 41 mph wind from SSW.
Marshals. J Prosser, P Warhurst, R Wareing, C Peskett,P Brown,D Mansfield.
Thanks once again for Kevin's coffees.

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