Saturday 3 September 2016

B&DWCA 2-UP 10,03/09/16,Results

"Result of the "Petit Prix des Dames" Club 2 Up 10 held this afternoon, 3 September on the P311 course. Unfortunately the weather forecast was right and it was a really wet and miserable afternoon and everyone got soaked at the finish. Understandably only a very small field braved the conditions".

1st Donna Lovelock & Matt Dixon Southampton Tri Club 25.01
2nd Linda Connor & Derek Stannett Southampton Tri Club 28.39
3rd Catherine Hartle & Mark Hitchcott Bmth Jubilee Wh 29.40
4th Sandra Gibbs & Bob Jump Southampton Tri Club 30.43
5th Michelle Varney & Darryl Marcus-Hanks Southampton Tri 33.59

Ray Hughes Clarence Wh also had a solo ride in 23.08

Timekeepers: Paula Miller, Dave Crocker and Julian James
Other helpers: Ann Miller, Ray Hughes, Mary Frewin, Sue Longland
Clive Peskett & Jacky Prosser

Almost as many helpers as riders!

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