Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ride & Race, NSPCC Tour of England

The NSPCC Tour of England brings the pro tour experience to amateur riders in the UK
Press Release

The NSPCC Tour of England is a series of multi-stage tours that offer the ultimate pro-rider experience to amateur cyclists, with timed hill climbs, closed race circuit sections and unprecedented support – from team cars, to motorbike outriders, domestiques, mechanics and soigneurs. The format of the NSPCC Tour of England rides is completely new to the UK, offering a tough two stage tour for each event in the series, punctuated with circuit racing..
The first in the 2014 series is the NSPCC Tour of the South East on 7-8 June & registration is now open. Highlights of this route include a timed climb over the infamous Box Hill, featured during the Olympic Road Race and racing around Dunsfold Park circuit; a circuit frequently used for bike racing.
Race groups are restricted to Cat 4 or novice riders only, who will take part in a 30 minute race circuit, but
ride non-competitively in their group on public roads. FULL DETAILS HERE

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