Sunday 20 September 2020

New Forest CC Open 10, Results

A chilly North East wind wasn’t welcome on the start line, but was in a relatively helpful direction for the course. However, the temperature without the wind chill was comfortable for racing once competitors were under way. Traffic was at relatively high levels for later riders due to classic cars heading to Beaulieu; something that the NFCC normall tries to avoid when planning events, but the 9.30am start to this new classic car event this year meant that most riders were under way in time. Amongst the largest field seen recently in an NFCC open, quite a few riders decided to opt for road bikes, and there was a good entry of Youth/Junior riders in both male and female categories There were a few mad dashes to the line, with riders only just making their start in spite of the holding bays to keep riders ‘socially distanced’. Number 80 Harry Johnson arrived at the start with no rear light, but avoided a disqualification, as returning rider Junda Niu was able to lend his light. Some good times posted for the sporting course, with Tom Day winning in 19.36 and a number of 21 minute times recorded, and a fast medium 22 in the women’s field. Many riders left with thanks and positive comments, making the event organised by first timer Aron Kelly and the NFCC volunteers a success. Tony Green 

1 Thomas Day Zannata Galloo Team 19:36 Male Junior
2 Luke Norris Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 20:57 Male Senior
3 James Fawcett …a3crg 21:16 Male Vet
4 Ant Gritton Sotonia CC 21:18 Male Senior
5 Stefan Gloyn Army Cycling 21:25 Male Senior
6 Nick Tarmey Velo Club Venta 21:27 Male Vet
7 Matthew Buckley Velo Club St Raphael 21:28 Male Senior
8 Neil Mackley …a3crg 21:34 Male Vet
9 Callum McQueen ActiveEdge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW 21:38 Male Espoir
10 Bryce Dyer AeroCoach 22:03 Male Vet
11 Paul Ashley Fareham Wheelers CC 22:04 Male Vet
12 Darren Orchard Wessex Road Club 22:06 Male Vet
13 Ian Patterson Utag RT 22:13 Male Vet
14 Harry Johnson NOPINZ Symec Race Team 22:17 Male Espoir
15 Andrew Stewart Lindfield Coffee Works 22:30 Male Vet
16 Frank Kilsby Velo Club St Raphael 22:31 Male Senior
17 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 22:37 Male Senior
18 James Fox Velo Club Venta 22:40 Male Senior
19 Brendan Reese Army Cycling 22:41 Male Vet
20 Ben Schooling New Forest CC 22:45 Male Senior
21 Liam Kemp University of Southampton RC 22:50 Male Espoir
22 Faye Faber 22:56 Female Senior
23 Nicholas Buck Team Surrey Cycling 23:01 Male Senior
24 Sebastian Lea London Dynamo 23:24 Male Senior
24 Michael Akers New Forest CC 23:24 Male Senior
24 Paul Molesworth Woking Cycle Club 23:24 Male Vet
27 Simon Church trainSharp 23:26 Male Vet
28 Oscar Palmer Team Surrey Cycling 23:28 Male Senior
29 Matt Norris Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 23:29 Male Vet
30 Frankie Whitwell Bradford-on-Avon Cycling Club 23:48 Male Senior
31 Ian Hardcastle Hart Evolution Race Team 23:58 Male Vet
32 Paul Winchcombe Chippenham & District Wheelers 23:59 Male Vet
33 Barry Hards New Forest CC 24:08:00 Male Vet
34 Richard Ferre Tri Team Wessex 24:23:00 Male Vet
35 Drew Hosie …a3crg 24:36:00 Male Vet
36 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael 24:45:00 Male Vet
37 Neil Langley Hampshire Road Club 24:48:00 Male Vet
38 Kirsty McSeveney …a3crg 24:52:00 Female Senior
39 Joshua Nation University of Southampton RC 25:03:00 Male Espoir
40 Junda Niu University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 25:04:00 Male Espoir
41 Terry Icke Velo Club St Raphael 25:07:00 Male Vet
42 Oliver Coomber Zoom Triathlon Club 25:11:00 Male Senior
43 Ian Turner Tornado Road Cycling Club 25:14:00 Male Vet
43 Stuart Thompson Velo Club St Raphael 25:14:00 Male Vet
45 Philip Allen Velo Club Venta 25:16:00 Male Vet
46 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 25:21:00 Male Vet
47 Martin Horner Arête 25:22:00 Male Vet
47 Stuart Peckham Velo Club St Raphael 25:22:00 Male Vet
49 Mike Anderson Velo Club Venta 25:23:00 Male Vet
50 Pete Coombs New Forest CC 25:28:00 Male Vet
51 Craig Smith Sotonia CC 25:36:00 Male Senior
52 James Chant Gillingham and District Wheelers /  25:39:00 Male Vet
53 Sonia Laurie New Forest CC 25:49:00 Female Vet
54 Adrian Watkins Tornado Road Cycling Club 25:56:00 Male Vet
55 Alex Cassar Petersfield Triathlon Club 26:19:00 Male Senior
56 Rosie Simmons University of Southampton RC 26:27:00 Female Espoir
57 Matt Perks University of Southampton RC 26:29:00 Male Vet
58 Oliver Berney Utag RT 26:34:00 Male Vet
59 Kym Harvey Fareham Wheelers CC 26:39:00 Female Vet
60 Andy Sheppard 3C Cycle Club 26:45:00 Male Vet
61 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael 26:52:00 Male Vet
62 Josh Horner Arête 27:10:00 Male Juvenile
63 Michael Round Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 27:22:00 Male Vet
64 Nigel Powell Velo Club St Raphael 27:29:00 Male Vet
65 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 27:35:00 Female Vet
66 Steve Willcocks Portsmouth North End CC 27:38:00 Male Vet
67 Harry Roebuck Arête 27:40:00 Male Juvenile
68 Lizzy Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 27:50:00 Female Senior
69 Catrin Brown Cycle Specific 27:53:00 Female Vet
70 Katie Youp Arête 27:57:00 Female Juvenile
71 David England Crabwood CC 28:01:00 Male Vet
72 Kenneth Hardcastle Hart Evolution Race Team 28:04:00 Male Vet
73 Murray Quiney Southdown Velo 28:45:00 Male Vet
74 Oscar Hoult Velo Club Venta 28:59:00 Male Juvenile
75 Lucy Phillips Arête 29:23:00 Female Juvenile
76 Beverley Hards New Forest CC 30:03:00 Female Vet
77 Debby Ferre Tri Team Wessex 30:46:00 Female Vet
78 Miles Horner Arête 31:12:00 Male Juvenile
79 Hannah Syed University of Bristol Cycling Club () 31:19:00 Female Espoir
80 Conor Orchard Arête 32:35:00 Male Juvenile
81 Annie Mann Arête 32:47:00 Female Juvenile
82 Meghan Claridge Hardley Runners 34:07:00 Female Espoir
83 Laura Phillips Arête 34:38:00 Female Vet
84 Gary Hull Fareham Wheelers CC 34:47:00 Male Vet
85 Tony Emery Dursley Road Club 36:12:00 Male Vet


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