Tuesday 18 August 2020

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10,Report/Results

Although 38 seconds slower than last week, Bob Richardson came out on top once again in the club 10 at Ringwood. The club Chairman clocked 21:52 for a 14 second winning margin over Tom Stocker, (above) Stocker is getting closer by the week but may run out of opportunities to catch Richardson with Autumn just around the corner. Phill Scriven,23:31, took third place ahead of the very impressive “road bike riding” Lee Curtis, 23:48, Scriven is enjoying his best ever season, the Saturday morning chaingang doing him no harm at all. Fastest on the night was 22 year old George Skinner (Primera-Teamjobs), catching his minute man & team mate, 54 year old Julian Lockwood on route to 21:19.
The Jubilee bring their short evening series to a close next week but with road works due to start on Monday 24th the final race may use a shortened 15km version. The Jubilee are planning to run an Open 10 on Sunday 13th September as well as two further Sunday morning club events on 20th and 4th October subject to demand.
1 Bob Richardson BJW 21:52
2 Tom Stocker BJW 22:06
3 Phil Scriven BJW 23:31
4 Lee Curtis BJW 23:48
5 Mark Hitchcott BJW 23:49
6 Anja Heijnen BJW 24:48
7 Chris Simpson BJW 24:57
8 Rupert Silman BJW 25:03
9 Louisa Cooper BJW 25:04
10 Gary Chiverton BJW 25:35
11 Andy Khan BJW 25:58
12 Mark Freeman BJW 26:01
13 Lizzy Stocker BJW 26:09
14 Danny French BJW 26:44
15 Mike Round BJW 27:10
16 Graham Sharman BJW 27:21
17 Paul Brown BJW 27:44
18 Julian Snook BJW 27:52
19 Pat Pinchen BJW 32:25
Nick Jones BJW DNS
Private Rides
1 George Skinner Primera-Teamjobs 21:19
2 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs 22:42
3 Paul Molesworth Woking CC 23:02
4 Colin Brumble CC Weymouth 23:28
5 Jack Martin VC Venta 23:26
6 Barry Hards New Forest CC 24:07
Steve Pink Poole Wheelers DNF

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