Thursday 26 December 2019

Boxing Day 10: Skinner Wins Shortened Race

Heavy rain, gusting winds, poor visibility and standing water covering large parts of the course at Ringwood in Hampshire could not deter the New Forest CC from running their traditional Boxing Day time trial. Organiser Catherine Pascoe was determined to honour the memory of long-time race promoter Roger Bacon who sadly passed away a few weeks before Christmas and reward the determination of the 20 plus riders who had turned up despite the conditions. With parts of the course unridable George Skinner (Primera-Teamjobs) became the first winner of the "Boxing Day 2 mile time trial", the short one-way route leaving the soaked riders conveniently at the HQ at Bisterne. The 22 year old clocked 5:26 into a block headwind, 2 seconds quicker than Tony Hamilton (Salisbury Road & Mountain CC) with Aron Kelly (New Forest CC) claiming third place in 5:35. Most said the tailwind ride to the start was faster than the actually race!
Naomi Shinkins( Bournemouth Cycleworks Vitec Fire, Ford Civil, Trek), dressed as an elf, was the fastest women with captain and stoker James Horton (VC St Raphael) & Emma Needham (Poole Wheelers) clearly enjoying themselves, winning the tandem event in style.The New Forest CC deserve a pat on the back for going ahead with the event, the busy chatter at the village hall a timeless sign of appreciation. The Boxing Day 10 (or 2) wil be back next year.
1 Emma Needham Poole Wheelers & James Horton VC St Raphael 7:39
2 Julian Gee & Bethany Gee Sotonia CC 8:32
3 Michael Rice & Deana Rice Farnham RC 8:35
4 Mary Corbett Sotonia CC & Michele Ward VC Venta 9:07

1 George Skinner Primera-Teamjobs 5.26
2 Tony Hamilton Salisbury Road & Mountain CC 5.28
3 Aron Kelly New Forest CC 5.35
4 Paul Lockyer New Forest CC 5.36
5 Brendan Reese Army CC 5.37
6 Jeremy Hubbard Hargroves Cycles 5.44
7 Ray Claridge New Forest CC
8 Nick Frewin Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 6.14
9 Naomi Shinkins Bournemouth Cycleworks 6.34
10 Richard Hambly Christchurch Bicycle Club 6.35
11 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs 6.41
12 Stuart Wills Farnham RC 6.44
13 Anthony Fowler Christchurch Bicycle Club 6.54
14 Emma Fowler Christchurch Bicycle Club 7.06
15 Adrian Watkins Tornado RCC 7.07
16 Robert York Christchurch Bicycle Club 7.14
17 Raymond Hughes Clarence Wheelers 7.25
18 Stuart Ward New Forest CC 7.51
19 Beth Allum University of Manchester CC 8.15
20 Russell Kingston Worcester St John 8.18
21 Nicholas York Christchurch Bicycle Club 9.09
22 Andrina Kelly Brighton Mitre CC 10.01
23 Norman King St Neots CC 11.42


  1. I don't suppose you have picture of me please (number 32, I came 9th)? Thanks, Rich H.

  2. Do you have a picture of me please - finished 9th/number 32?