Sunday 1 December 2019

Poole Wheelers CC Prize Presentation

Poole Wheelers celebrated winning the Cycling Weekly Club of the year award at the Salterns Hotel, Poole. 89 members attended the annual dinner and prize presentation, as well as congratulating the trophy winners the raffle, in support of local charity, About Face raised £442. A dramatic increase to the female contingent in Poole Wheelers is just one of the reasons for their Club of the Year award, with 100 women riders now signed up, a third of the club, while they have also put effort into their social media presence to increase their membership.

South DC Points Competition – 1st Junior girl Holly Ramsey
South DC BAR Competition – 3rd Luke Rendell
South DC BAR Competition- 1st Tim Flynn
Under 10 Track Champion – Boy Dan Branford
Under 10 Track Champion – Girl Grace Upshall
Under 12 Track Champion – Boy Oliver Gill
Under 14 Track Champion – Girl Holly Ramsey
Under 14 Track Champion – Boy Oliver Pettifer
Under 16 Track Champion – Girl Holly Ramsey
Under 16 Track Champion – Boy Ben Gill
Colin Price Trophy for the outstanding junior/juvenile on the track Holly Ramsey
Senior Track Champion Simon Pettifer
Juvenile Cyclo-Cross Champion – Boy Dan Branford
Juvenile Cyclo-Cross Champion – Girl Abi Kelly
Senior Cyclo-Cross Champion Chris Hill
Senior Road Race Champion Maddie Verdegaal
Rothwell Trophy points 2019 Nick Barks 250
Gary Trudgett 200
Nigel Rendell 223
Mike Williams 185 Craig Weston 175
Ben Salvia 162
Terry Belbin 155
Paul Axon 150
Ian Dryden 148
Darryl Tidd 142
Ladies Rothwell Competition 2019 Sarah Bascombe 140
Lauren Bishop 121
Ellie Rendell 121
Novice Shield Suzy Watkin
Best Improver Holly Ramsey
Hill Climb Champion Charlie Abel
Handicap 10 League Trophy Gary Trudgett
Womens 10 League Champion Lauren Bishop
Junior 10 League Champion Ben Gill
3rd Division 10 League winner Sarah Bascombe
2nd Division 10 League winner Gary Trudgett
1st Division 10 League Winner Ian Dryden
Ladies BAR winner Lou Dutch
VETS Best all Rounder 25 and 50 miles Steve Pink
VETS Best all Rounder on Standard Steve Pink
Premier Division 10 League winner Tim Flynn
Handicap trophy Tim Flynn
Rothwell Trophy Tim Flynn
Mike Malins Trophy for the PW best improver in
The open 25 Tim Flynn
Senior Champion Tim Flynn
Inter-club competition with the Bournemouth Jubilee
Team leader Tim Flynn

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