Monday 30 January 2017

Southern Region Road Championships 2017

Matthew Cox Wins the Junior Championship in 2016

The 2017 Southern Region Road championships will be decided on the Owslebury circuit in Hampshire, a change from the Stockbridge Down course of 2016. The Championships, for Juniors, Women & Seniors take place on Sunday August 20th, another change to previous years, with all regional championships taking place on this date. The Senior Road Race Championship is only open to riders holding a Full 2017 Racing Licence with "SOUTH" as the registered home region.The Junior and Women's events will also incorporate the SOUTH WEST Regional Championships however respective riders with "SOUTH" will be given priority over riders with "SOUTH WEST" registered on their licence. The Owslebury circuit is never hilly but the constantly rolling roads and heavy surfaces combine to provide a course worthy of a title battle.
Please note: Plan ahead, there will be NO entries accepted after the closing date or on the day of the event. There will be no refunds after the closing date.

Jennifer Powell Womens Champion in 2016

The race HQ is located at Owslebury Parish Hall, Main Road, Owslebury, SO21 1LN. The race roll out from the HQ will be neutralised along Longwood Road toward the crossroad junction with Belmore Lane (M). At the junction turn right onto Belmore Lane where, once safe, the race will be de-neutralised. Immediately after the crest of the first hill the road drops away to the left followed by a sharp right hand bend where extreme care is needed. After a series of rolling hills the race turns left (M) into Salt Lane to climb up to The Milbury's Pub crossroads. Just before cresting the Salt Lane climb riders will cross the finish line. At the crossroads (M) the race turns left for a fast decent followed by a sharp climb to the Longwood Road junction, at the junction the race turns left (M) and descends to the junction with Belmore Lane where the race will turn left (M) to complete the circuit. Riders will pass the finish line seven times for the Women's & Junior events (52 miles / 84 km) and eleven times for the Senior event (84 miles / 135km).
Longwood Climb

The Races
E/1/2/3/4 Women

Sun 20/08/17 09:30 Women Only 84km / 52 miles

Juniors Race

Sun 20/08/17 09:30 Regional Junior Only 84km / 52 miles

E/1/2/3 Race
Sun 20/08/17 13:00 National B 135km / 84 miles
Online entry HERE

Will Harper Takes the senior title in 2016

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