Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dorset Miles, Stamp Duty!

Leaving home in the rain is always a challenge, the arguments against it are strong but ignored, it rains outdoors! get over it, get on with it. The option to collect stamps has always been there, an option i am yet to take. Any item of kit claiming to be waterproof that requires a hole into which you put a digit or limb is not waterproof, end of...... Bear Cross via Hurn and Longham, six familiar, reliable faces, all needing slightly more encouragement than 10 years ago perhaps. Back the way i came, around the airport across the Avon Causeway, Bransgore & Thorney Hill, conversation the best protection from the elements, (its not that bad). Crow, Ringwood, Poulner, the ford at Moyles Court dry despite the rain. Ibsley, North Gorley and Fordingbridge, a couple of punctures in the muddy lanes, front & back for the same poor sod, the unfolded, holed inner tube poking out from a rear pocket telling a story we are all familiar with. Glad it was not me, we all think! Sandleheath, Damerham, Cranborne, Edmonsham, Woodlands, Haythorne, Horton, Furzehill, Wimborne, back to Bear Cross and Longham, i am on the airport road for the third time today, i can confirm it is still there. Training yes but more than that, it was good fun, no more compelling reason to get out of the house if one was needed,.Collective experience, the fuel for good morale and something to be embellished on future rides maybe. Little is achieved for the rest of the day, the urge to watch the FA Cup with feet up is irresistible, i might get a stamp album?
3hrs 49 70.2 miles

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