Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dorset Cycle Racing League Takes Shape!

The Dorset Cycle Racing League (aka “Dorset League”) is open to all riders, clubs and teams.
The purpose of the League is to incentivise commercial and club teams in Dorset (and adjoining areas) to organise races, to meet the demand of riders wanting to race.
Teams who affiliate to the League are required to organise at least 1 League race and in return will be given 6 priority space in all League events for their riders.
For 2015 there are no team or rider affiliation fees.
Non-League members are welcome to race in League events, but only riders of affiliated teams will be allocated League Points.
The League is run by a small number of volunteers. We count on support and help from local clubs, teams and riders to make the League a success. Please get involved! check out the league website

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