Friday, 20 February 2015

Bournemouth Arrow Open Trackfest 2015!

Bournemouth Arrow Announce Programme for Summer Track Fest

Bournemouth Arrow Open TrackFest
Saturday 11th July 2015
Bournemouth Track
From 11.00am
The 2015 Arrow TrackFest will be a game of two halves:

The first half sees a series of events suitable for both experienced track racers and Newbies who are just getting into track competition. It comprises 3 events that are each physically challenging but don’t require a lot of bunch racing experience. They are a flying 200m individual TT, a flying 1 Km Team Sprint (3 riders with no restriction on distance at the front) and a 4 Km Team Pursuit (4 riders). The “Team” events will be open to club and composite teams and can include a mix of categories within each team e.g. 1 youth rider, 1 woman, 1 senior in the flying Team Sprint. There will be a “no tri-bars” rule so all teams are on a level (less technical) playing field, a key feature being how each team balances any ability mismatch within the team. These events are aimed at encouraging regular track riders who may feel they are not ready for the challenges of bunched races but want to sample competition. The Entry Fee for these events is Seniors £10 postal (£15 on the day), Youth £5 postal (£10 on the day). Interest will of course be focused on which local Club or Team comes out top. Clubs and Teams can of course enter multiple teams.

The second half comprises a more traditional mix, Sprint Finals for the fastest riders in each category taken from their 200m qualifying times plus Scratch races for each Category with a hint of Elimination in some, plus of course a Finale 20Km. The TrackFest is open to Youth C/D/E, Youth A/B, Women and Seniors. The Seniors will be split into A and B races on merit. The Entry Fee for the full TrackFest is Seniors £20 postal (£25 on the day), Youth £10 postal (£15 on the day).

In summary the TrackFest offers the exciting prospect of 3 events for Track Competition Newbies, and at least 6 events for Track Competition regulars, all in a pretty packed 4 hours!

Advance Entries by Sun 28th June to
Alan McRae, 171 Coppice Ave, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9PW
Further information contact
also HERE

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