Tuesday 12 February 2013

Super Marshall's Accreditation Course!

Organiser of last years Purbeck Road Race Dave Wade (left) writes………..With support from the Police Service in England & Wales (ACPO LEVEL)British Cycling are very keen to deploy Super Marshalls at Road Race's and other sporting events. This scheme was piloted in Wales and Essex last year and now the foundations are in place to develop the scheme further.
To enlighten you all, a super Marshall is an accredited person who is authorised to stop traffic during an event when the need arises. If you think of a Lollipop Person at a school crossing then this is the exact same as a super Marshall at a sporting event. High Viz jacket and a lollipop that say's STOP.
To be accredited you need to do a short course of about 2 hours. Once you have done the course then you are registered as a super Marshall and would volunteer to be available at sporting events local to yourself. Dorset, at Police and County level are keen supporters of this scheme
A course will soon be available in our region if there are enough volunteers.
Any volunteers please????
If interested then please email me david.wade2@homecall.co.uk
Dave Wade has some exciting plans for this year, the two day Hardy Tour in August promises to be a great event. Dave will need plenty of marshalls for this race so why not get accredited and help support bike racing in Dorset?

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