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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Ludgershall Winter Series Rnd 5

The Ludgershall winter series again fell victim to the winter weather. Snow & sleet caused race Commisaire Tim Knight to call a halt after the second of two 4th category races. It was disappointing but it was the only option as the 1km tank testing track in Wiltshire rapidly turned into an ice rink.

Ruan Vester won a bunch sprint in race 1 but the weather was already deteriorating. Mountain Biker Kim Little made his move with 3 laps to go in race 2. The gap was never large but the will to close it was not there, with the chasers battling the elements as much as Little!

The snow was heavy and the decision to cancel was met with no argument as most hurried back to the warmth of their cars. Rounds 2 and 3 were also cancelled because of snow and ice, one of the risks of early season racing. Organiser Darren Clarke is due some luck with the weather, hopefully for round 6 next Saturday.

Brief Results
Race 1

Race 2
1st Ruan Boster Bath Cycling Club
2nd Owen Barnes Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
3rd Gary Shepherd Bath Cycling Club
4th Marc Diguisto
5th Joe Gray Cycle Club Basingstoke
6th Patrick Brown VC Venta
7th Joseph Henstridge Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
8th David stoyle bath cc
9th Vittoria Bussi Zappi’s Ladies Team
10th Nick Skardon VC Walcot
11th Liam Walsh Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
12th Liam Teesdale
13th Ben Davis Bristol Road Club
14th James Fulcher Portsdown Hill CC
15th Giles Prentice VC Walcot
16th Michael Ford Performance Cycles
17th David Peel Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
18th James Chant Gillingham and District Wheelers
19th Martin Walker
20th Tom Bandy Portsdown Hill CC
21st Bonnie Van Wilgenburg Zappi’s Ladies Team
22nd Christopher Bennett Army Cycling Union
23rd Steve Lewis Salisbury Road and Mountain Bike CC
24th Barnaby Cox Gillingham and district wheelers


  1. Great shots. Did you get any of the first race?? (Odd numbers)

    1. Sorry afraid not, a road closure and diversion delayed my arrival!

    2. No worries! :) There was someone else there taking pics too. Haven't seen any though.