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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 100 Mile Reliability Trial

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers popular series of reliability trials concludes this Sunday (Feb 17) with the 100 mile event. (The 75 mile event cancelled in January will now be run on Sunday 10th March.) The course goes all over Dorset and as well as the 100 mile route there is a shorter 100KM trial as well. All are welcome! Start and finish is at Merley Community Centre (BH21 1XE), Harrier Drive, off Oakley Straight, Merley where parking, toilet facilities and light refreshments are available.
The first riders off are allowed 8 hours to complete the course with the fastest group expected to return in 7 hours
Members (First and Second Claim) £1 per Reliability Trial, other riders are required to become Associate Members of the Club and will pay £5 for all four Reliability Trials and all BJW Club Runs for a year. You can join on the day.
The term reliability trial dates back to the early years of the 20th century when cycling equipment was not so reliable, road surfaces were poor, sign-posting was even worse, and mobile telephones had yet to be invented. Reliability trial riders needed to be resilient, able to navigate, capable of dealing with minor mechanical problems, and fit enough to complete the course. Successful completion of all 4 BJW Reliability trials entitles the rider to a medal.

Start: Merley Community Centre, Abbreviations: L = Turn Left SO = Straight on T = T Junction R = Turn Right RBT = Roundabout sp = signpost X = crossroads rd = road thro = through t/lights = traffic lights foll = follow imm = immediately
Exit car park & R along Harrier Drive. L on to Oakley Straight then L along Oakley Lane to Willett Arms. R using cycle path and down B3073 Oakley Hill to Wimborne RBT (1.2m). 2nd exit on B3073 thro 2 sets of traffic lights. Just before petrol station R on old Ham Lane, foll thro gates and under bridge, R then at T R to rejoin B3073, SO at garden centre RBT to Longham double mini RBTs. L then imm R to continue on B3073 (sp Hurn). SO at Parley Cross traffic lights to Chapel Gate RBT (7.21m) where R to continue on B3073 past Hurn Airport to Hurn RBT. SO on B3073 Avon Causeway. Cross River Avon then take L fork to X with B3347. SO and continue to T by pumping station where R and foll to X. SO (care grit on road) to T near Lamb Inn (12.8m). R then imm L in front of Lamb Inn,(13.8m) where R thro Neacroft then at top of hill fork L foll thro bends then continue thro Middle Bockhampton tot to X. SO up Harrow Rd to T where L thro Holmsley South then take 1st L (16.0m) (sp Thorney Hill) past Holmsley campsites to Thorney Hill X. R (sp Burley) down hill and across Slap Bottom in to Burley & at stone cross (19.7m) L thro Burley Street. At top of village fork L & continue down Crow Hill to X at Crow Corner (23.2m). R to T at Elm Tree pub. L and foll thro Hightown to T with slip road to A31 (24.3m). R (care) up slip road to mini RBT where L over A31 flyover to mini RBT at White Hart pub where turn R on Gorley Road. Continue thro bends to Moyles Court where fork L (26.5m) (sp Gorley) through ford (care) then after ¾m turn L (sp Ibsley) to T with A338 at Ibsley. With extreme care R on A338 then shortly L (sp Alderholt) across River Avon to Harbridge. At church fork R to Harbridge Green (29.1m) where turn L (no sp) up Bleak Hill to T. R (sp Alderholt) then after ½m L by rifle range at Drove End (sp Alderholt). Continue to T in Alderholt where merge L on B3078 (sp Cranborne) to Cripplestyle (33.1m).L (sp Verwood) past Heavy Horse Centre and over old railway bridge to rbt. R to rbt with B3081. R past Crane Valley golf cours fork (13.8m) where R thro Neacrofe then at top of hill fork L (sp Woodlands). Continue thro Woodlands to X (37.9m) where L (sp Horton) thro Haythorn to T. R (sp Horton) down in to Horton where in village L & foll thro bends & up hill thro Chalbury Common to X (41.5m). R (sp Hinton Martell) thro Hinton Martell to T with B3078 Cranborne Road where L (sp Wimborne) then imm R (sp Witchampton) down hill and over river. Just before Witchampton village L (sp Tarrant Rushton) thro Hogstock and down The Cliff to T at bottom of hill (46.6m) where merge L (care). Foll thro bends to X with B3082 at True Lovers Knot where SO (care) thro Tarrant Keynston & over small hill to X (49.5m) where R (sp Langton Long). Foll thro Langton Long to just before T with A350 Blandford bypass where L on cycleway under bypass and foll down Langton Road to T where L in to Blandford town centre (52.3m). The ‘Gorge’ cafĂ© on your left in town Go thro town square, follow over river Stour, then R thro gateway & thro grounds of Bryanston School to Durweston where R at T. At T with A357 L along A357. About ½ mile after blind summit fork L opposite red brick cottages (56.7m) on White Pit Lane then continue to triangle by housing estate where L at 'The Cottage' and L again. Foll to T where R then foll thro bends to T on outskirts of Shillingstone. L & foll to Okeford Fitzpaine(59.2m) where R & imm L (sp Fifeheads). Beware of poor road surfaces for the next 10 miles. Foll to T by breakers yard at Knackers Hole (61.1m) where Land L again down hill (care) to Fifehead St Quentin. With stream on your right turn R over stream (no sp). After about 1¾ miles turn L (no sp) to Locketts Corner where R (sp Hazelbury Bryan) to Droop. L at T (sp Stoke Wake) then imm R (no sp), foll for ¾ mile into Hazelbury Bryan where just past phone box (64.8m) L and imm L again (triangle)(no sp). Down hill and foll to Mappowder where SO (sp Plush Folly) thro Plush to T at foot of sharp descent (care) (71.5m). L on B3143 thro Piddletrenthide & Piddlehinton. Shortly after right hand bend L on B3142 (sp Puddletown) to RBT with A354. R across A35 flyover, straight on at 2nd RBT then shortly L in to Puddletown where take 2nd L past church to T with old A35. Cross old A35 by turning L then imm R (sp Tincleton) over hill, bear L at fork then downhill to T by Tincleton church (79.2m). L to X with B3390 at Waddock Cross where SO past tank ranges to T at Gallows Hill (83.7m). R & imm L (sp Wareham) to continue thro Worgret Heath to T with A352 where L down hill to RBT (88.7m). 1st exit on A351 Wareham bypass to next RBT where 2nd exit to continue on A351 (sp Poole). SO at next 4 RBTs (and 1 t/lights) to Bakers Arms RBT where take 2nd exit (sp Lytchett Minster). Shortly take 1st L by white railings (no sp) up Post Green Road to T where bear L thro Post Green then at fork L (sp Lytchett Mat) to X where SO (no sp) thro Pit Bottom. At T L to staggered X at Limberlost (95.1m). With care L & imm R (sp Corfe Mullen) on Old Wareham Road. Foll thro Corfe Mullen keeping SO at 3 RBTs then imm after 3rd RBT turn R on Higher Merley Lane (sp Merley) & foll to T with A349 Gravel Hill. With care L to RBT and take 2nd exit (sp Wimborne) on B3073 to Willett Arms where R (sp Canford Magna) in to Oakley Lane. Shortly R in to Oakley Straight and imm R again in to Harrier Drive then L in to Finish at Merley Community Centre

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