Monday 25 June 2012

"Only Way is up" Hill Climb Road Race

One and All Cycling/Bike Chain-Ricci’s Junior Heffernan stormed to first place in the “Only Way is Up Hill Climb Road Race”.
An unsual, mass start road race up a hill after a neutralised section of about 5 miles, then the race was up, up, up a 3 mile hill climb all the way to Haytor on Dartmoor. Broadstone's Luke Gray (Baboco CT)(pictured) soon took control setting the pace and one by one the riders got dropped until it was just Gray and Junior Heffernan (One and All Cycling/Bike Chain-Ricci’s) . Then in the last half a mile Heffernan just managed to get a small gap . Despite nearly closing the gap as they approached the finish, Heffernan crossed the line first with Gray second about 15 metres behind.
Haytor Hill was used in the tour of Britain last year when John Tiernan-Locke (Rapha/Condor/Sharp) took the king of the mountains.
1 Junior Heffernan (One and All Cycling/Bike Chain-Ricci)
2 Luke Gray (Baboco CT)
3 Karl Hine (Cadence Cannondale)
4 Kyle Martin (Mid Devon CC)
5 Jason Kettle (Mid Devon CC)
6 Daniel Watts (Royal Air Force CC)
7 Joel Lewis (Kettering CC)

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