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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

CC Weymouth Club 10 12/06/12 P451/25

Steve Pink writes.......
Paddy ‘The Daddy’ Dunn showed us all how to do it again! Having already taken the club record on the P451/10 and the course record on the P451/18 hilly, Paddy completed the hat-trick last night by taking the course record on the P451/25 with a stunning time of 55:37. This is some achievement given that the P451/25 is known as a slow 25 course, and whilst conditions were good it was by no means a ‘float’ day.

Bringing up the best of the rest, Greg Parker is really starting to find the form we all knew he was capable of with a very impressive 57:07 and Charlie Lawson rounded out the top three with a solid 59:09, both I believe are personal bests?

Also deserving of a worthy mention are Club Chairman Stuart Carrington for taking another minute + off of his PB and Andrew Preston who returns to the TT scene after completing the Wessex Super Randonneur Series in recent weeks which, despite being a huge achievement in itself, was also part of his preparations for a shot at a 24 hour TT this season. Best of luck to Andrew!

Full Results

1. Paddy Dunn CC Weymouth 0:55:37 CR
2. Greg Parker CC Weymouth 0:57:07 PB
3. Charlie Lawson CC Weymouth 0:59:09 PB
4. Julian Thacker VC St Raphael 0:59:11
5. Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 1:00:11
6. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 1:02:27 PB
7. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 1:06:54 PB
8. Paul Stockwell CC Weymouth 1:14:26
9. Andrew Preston CC Weymouth 1:14:33

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