Saturday 9 June 2012

Dighton.Icke & Jones in 3-up Win

Poole wheelers trio, Terry Icke, Gary Dighton & new boy, Paul Jones won the AC3RG 3 UP TTT on the P883. It was a good result for the Poole Wheelers who dropped Icke on the run in. Icke had ridden the West London CA 30 finishing 11th in 1.06.33 and was obviously feeling the effects.

1 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers Vet 00:51:43
Paul Jones Poole Wheelers Vet
Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers Vet
2 Philip Peters ...a3crg Esp 00:51:56
Graeme Stirzaker ...a3crg Vet
Sebastian Ader ...a3crg Vet
3 Glenn Longland Antelope RT Vet 00:55:36
Oliver Emmans Antelope RT Vet
Stephen Wood Antelope RT Vet
4 Peter Phipps VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:57:13
Robert Marcus VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet
Karl Chandler VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet
5 James Stone West Kent RC Vet 00:58:50
Benjamin Miller Brighton Excelsior CC Esp
Chris Hodge Brighton Excelsior CC Sen
6 Ben Hardisty East Grinstead CC Vet 01:00:23
Jon Carter East Grinstead CC Vet
Mike Anton East Grinstead CC Vet
NC James Gilfillan Contre la Montre Sen 00:51:48
Stephen Whitewick Contre la Montre Vet
Julian Jenkinson Contre la Montre Vet DNS-Apol

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