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TrainSharp Cycle Coaching
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Prendas Ciclismo
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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Free Coaching with Lime Personal Training!

Lime Personal Training.

Adam D’arcy- Wykes with an offer that is hard to refuse:

“As some of you know I am coming up to a career change. I have recently qualified as a Personal Trainer and am looking to tie this in alongside my coaching.

What I am looking for is some guinea pigs that would like to be trained and coached using my 30 years racing experience and my personal training skills.

What will it cost?

The monthly cost of joining a gym. I will not charge you for the training or coaching for 2 months! If you like how it's going then we can carry on at a negotiated price or you can move on and do your own thing. No worries.

The results would be that you would get some free coaching and training and I get to try out my PT skills.

Anyone that's interested send me an email on

I look forward to hearing from you”.


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