Wednesday 4 April 2012

Raymond Brown Track League

Two weeks to go !
The Raymond Brown Track League starts in 2 weeks and you can do things now to ensure things go smoothly for you on the night.
Please be aware we are adopting a "Ryanair" approach to signing on !! We are fighting daylight so it is essential that we start racing on time ie 07.00pm. Entry to the track centre for latecomers will be restricted to brief slots between events so please move heaven and earth to give yourself sufficient time to get through Admin, set up in the Track Centre and warm up on rolers/turbo.

So now you can;
1. Prior to your arrival go to the BCC website, download and complete any BCC Competition Licence and League Entry Form you require
2. You will also find the Track League Entry Form on the Bournemouth Arrow website in the "3 weeks to go" article.
2. Start saving and bring enough CASH with you on the night to minimise your time at the desks, we will not be accepting cheques.
3. Plan your logistics to arrive as early as possible, go straight to the Admin office at the Pavilion first, the BCC Competition Licence desk first, then Signing on. Only then go back to the car to unload.
Things will get easier as the weeks go by but the "Start at 07.00pm" will not change, you will just get more races as the daylight improves!!

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