Sunday 22 April 2012

Graeme Obree Memorabilia!

Stuart Grace has been in touch with details of some great Graeme Obree memorabilia, each item coming with a letter of provenance. Please try to support Stuart if you can.

“I would like your help with the sale of these items sent to me from friend Graeme Obree, to raise money for the Piam Brown Oncology Ward at Southampton General Hospital. As some people may remember, towards the end of last year Jens Voigt and a number of his team mates at signed a number of photos as part of the wards Christmas raffle. I'm pleased to say that we made over £7000, which is a good amount in the present economic climate.”
The items Graeme has sent are.
a) Signed race number from Jonny Helms 2up (he reckons the last number he will wear).

b) 2 artist prints (signed by the artist and Graeme) 200mmx300mm.
c) Large canvas print (again signed) 400mmx600mm.
There is a copy of a letter sent to me regarding the items which will accompany each sale.

This will be a closed auction and people can e-mail me with their bid or contact me by phone or text, it will close at the end of May and there will be no postal charge (I may deliver the canvas print as I'm worried it may get damaged).
Stuart Grace

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