Sunday 22 April 2012

Andover Wheelers 10 Result Board, win for Walking, Wins also for Storey & Gilfillan

A win for Steve Walking, (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts)with a new course record 20.37. A chilly 3C at the start, Walkings team mate Simon Tout took 2nd in 20.46 with Dave Pickering 3rd, 20.57
1 Stephen Walkling VC St Raphael 20.37
2 Simon Tout VC St Raphael 20.46
3 Dave Pickering Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 20.57
4 Paul Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 21.00
5 Steve Potts Somerset RC 21.13
6= Ben Pearce Andover Wheelers 21.21
6= Simon Berogna VC St Raphael 21.21
8 Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC 22.02
9 Chris Cain Andover Wheelers 22.28
10 Jon Downing Salisbury RC 22.45
11 Michael Naulls VC Revolution 23.3
12 Philip Evans Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 23.32
13 Chris Hughes New Forest Cycling Club 23.38
14 Lesley Walkling VC St Raphael 23.41
15 Marc Barfoot Contre La Montre 23.49
16 Jonathan Asbridge Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 24.27
17 Nicky Barfoot Contre La Montre 24.32
18 John Murphy Gloucester City RC 24.35
19 David England Crabwood CC 24.37
20 Rob Ellis VC St Raphael 24.45
21 William Reed Tri Team Wessex 24.49
22 Chris Boulton Newbury RC 25.35
23 Chris Mullett Gillingham & District Whls 25.53
24 Ian Knight Andover Wheelers 26.06
25 Tracy Cornell North Hampshire RC 26.13
26 Colin Crocker Sotonia CC 26.26 inc 40 sec LS
27 Chris Summers Sotonia CC 27.46
28 Dave Gaida Reading CC 30.45

In other local news James Gilfillan(Contre la Montre) won the Alton CC 50km
Gilfillan said...“I think the big thing from my point of view was putting 30secs into Jules on the opening 1km prime, straight up the hill from the start! It’s a good circuit, perfect for the all-rounder shame they don’t use it for more events and every year, perhaps then it’s get a bit more support. Couple of weeks off racing for me, mainly due to lack of events locally, before hitting some longer distances in May!”

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheeler 2nd claim, Sarah Storey (For viored) won the Chesire Classic Womens Road Race. Storey finished with 56.02 good enough for 7th in the Manchester & Dist 25 on Saturday.

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